The Reader’s Dilemma …

Which is to say, do I start reading one of my Backlist books sat at the bottom of my TBR pile, on the coffee table. Or, do I—like so many other addicted readers with money burning a hole in my bank account—order a handful of new books? Especially given by the time any of them… Continue reading

Happy Saturday #ThePositivityWave

Welcome to today’s positivity wave! Created by the lovely Meggy @ Chocolate ‘n’ Waffles, it is a remedy against feeling down by creating a list of positive things happening in our lives. So here we are, I feel the need to make this a weekly feature here, at the Wry Writer, and remind myself each week… Continue reading

Gosford Park, a review

Title: GOSFORD PARK (2001) Director: Robert Altman Written by: Julian Fellows Starring: Helen Mirren, Michael Gambon, Maggie Smith, Kristen Scott Thomas, Clive Owen, Jeremy Northam, Emily Watson, Ryan Phillippe, Bob Balaban, Charles Dance, Derek Jacobi and Alan Bates. Genre: Period Drama | Murder-Mystery We’re having a Whodunit weekend, this weekend. Last night we decided on… Continue reading

Curry•licious Chicken!

I threw together the best damn delicious curry I’ve ever made in, well, a very long time. Using just what I had in my larder. This included a packet of Pataks all ready cooked veggie lentil tikka masala, that I had been meaning to eat for a lunch. One lone small chicken breast that would,… Continue reading

Longing for BookMail

Having decided to forgo using Amazon to order my books (music and movies) from last year, I’ve been using the Canadian book seller, Chapters Indigo. I’ve always used them, and loved visiting their large store in downtown Montreal, till last year, that is. Sigh! Unlike ordering from the likes of Amazon, where you know the… Continue reading

Binge-Worthy TV #5

Why did no one tell us about the TV adaptation of Johnathan Strange & Mr. Norrell before now? I mean, really, come on people, you could have told me that this was both at once dark and gritty and also hilariously funny in places. This show has been sardonic, witty, droll, painful, poignant, heartbreaking and… Continue reading