On the hunt for, BIG Data

Big Data

I am so rightly proud of my niece, she of Oracle fame, as she gives a presentation this coming week on BIG Data. Something we’ve been talking about for a while now. No, not the presentation she’ll give, but about the subject of big data. A topic that is fast taking hold outside of the scientific community as, after all, scientists have been grappling with their own ‘Big Data’ for any number of decades now.

Whether that’s how big the Universe really is to what the relationship is between galaxies and atoms, to how do stars form, and from particle physicists looking ever outwards into the cosmos to geneticists looking to map the human genome, amassing data as they go.

But what is BIG Data? And what can it be used for?

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A Clean Sweap

Now look what you’ve gone and made me do … the dusting.

And I had to rearrange the furniture and push the vacuuming cylinder across the linoleum chasing those dastardly dust bunnies. It really doesn’t pay to live in the desert. And all that noise. Oh my! Anyone would think this was a testing ground for those Atomic Boys and their toys. Blasting huge craters in the sand. I mean, it really doesn’t do, now does it? What did the sand ever do to deserve that kind of treatment?

What? Sorry, where are my manners? I almost forgot you were there, darkening my doorstep.

Please, come in, yes, take a seat.

Yes, I know, I moved it so you could look out the window and see those strange mushroom clouds off in the distance. Marvellous don’t you think. They say it’s bad weather coming in. But that Mikey, you know, who delivers the newspapers, said it was a sign of something though what, exactly, he didn’t know. Bless him. He’s only ten. I mean, what would a ten year-old know about the weather?

Exactly! Nothing. But I tell you, that whooshing sound does hurt me ears and all that dust? I keep telling Fred, it’s no good. He’s going to have to do something to seal the windows better, because I swear, I’m at my wits end with dust, the shaking, and all that noise. Morning, noon and night, why, anyone would think we were at war, and the Boys were cooking up some strange new fangled devices to fight the enemy, in those huge hangers of theirs.

It doesn’t bear thinking about.

But don’t mind me … how about we sit in the kitchen, away from the windows, and have some nice, cool, refreshing coke? My, that does sound good.

Apple iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Plus meet Alex

I couldn’t resist.

I never have been able to. Not where new tech is concerned. I’m one of those people that want to see it, touch it and, more to the point, play with it. So this afternoon, while on an appointment at the other end of the city, I stopped in at the Mall and called in at the Apple shop. Well, you know, someone has to.

And there they were. All lined up. The new, shiny, bendable, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Like Xl and 2XL blouses at Old Navy, waiting for my grubby hands to set upon them.

So here’s the thing. That shop is wired. I kid you not. I mean W I R E D … for surveillence. So no amount of subversive positioning could block out the ever watchful eye above.

God? What if elecricity became sentient?

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My Top 50


There are numerous lists of everyone’s favourite Top 20, 50 or 100 Classic Science Fiction (read: science fiction/fantasy) books floating around the web.

But rather than attempt to do a ‘defining’ list, or copy quoted lists and highlighting those I’ve read, I though to do my own list. Here’s my own personal list of 50 Classic SF books, and yes, I’ve read them all.

In no particular order:

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LOL & OMG toll the Death-knell of the English Language

Really? I don’t think so.

English is one of those languages that begs, borrows and downright steals from other languages to the point of stalking them down dark alleys. Where, before hitting them over the head with a dangling participle, rifles through a language’s pockets in search of any word it thinks it can get away with. It doesn’t care whether it’s bright, shiny, and new, or if it is dog-eared and long since forgotten. The only criteria is, can I use it?

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