Trepanning Trump

Dumb Donald, in an attempt to quieten the voices in his head and removed the Obama listening device, tries his hand at trepanning … Melania—when questioned about Dumb Donald’s new pastime—is quoted as saying: “I want my drill back, clean, when he’s finished!”

Nuclear Baseball

Apparently someone thought it was a really, and I mean, really good idea to hold the upcoming 2020 Baseball & Softball Olympics in, of all places, a nuclear hot-zone: Fukushima, Japan. Because, why wouldn’t you? It’s a wonderful place to irradiate visitors from around the world, and showcase your country.

I Spy …

Dumb Donald continues to claim that all media is FAKE media and yet, continues to cite said media when telling us, straight-faced, that President Obama wiretapped him during the 2016 election campaign. Despite evidence to the contrary, he and his goons continue to believe that an utter absence of evidence is still evidence because Dumb… Continue reading

Does Your Microwave Spy on You?

Dear Kellyanne Conway, You might be wondering right about now—given social media is fully aware of your “femme fetale dressed in blue” professional portrait and, as is the way of social media, are now being pummelled for your apparent vanity—why you had a portrait done (in this style) to begin with. Maybe your microwave was spying… Continue reading

Pi Day

For the love of all that’s holey, why oh why do Americans celebrate Pi Day on the 14 of March? The English in me screams, given the fact we insist on writing the date with the day first, month second, followed by the year. A logic that, well, seems unbreakable, that is, till you meet… Continue reading