Is Speech Free?

I support free and open speech … yes, for all! While online, so many don’t. There is no longer any option for debate in an online world. There is no longer any option to talk freely and discuss ideas, or have opinions in the online world, not anymore. The minute you say something the ‘woke‘… Continue reading

Today’s Aside

Elsewhere around the Blog-O-Spehere: TOP TEN TUESDAY — Top Ten authors I automatically buy REVIEW: THE SILENCED — My thoughts on Anders de la Motte’s excellent novel LIFE AFTER DEATH — An article on Medium, about the passing of my parents AUTUMN IN QUEBEC CITY — Thoughts and photos from autumn last year GAIL Z…. Continue reading

I Swear by God!

My poor suffering partner goes to work every day, next door, in our crowded little office. And spends their day working in Microsoft TEAMS, doing meetings with people who are supposed to be AGILE working in a SCRUM, finding solutions for problems usually caused by someone’s lack of knowledge in any given area. And it… Continue reading

Book Cover Creativity

I love creating book covers for work I’ve yet to finish … it gives me a goal to work towards. What do you think, worthwhile finishing writing these two novellas for these covers?

Busy, Busy Bee, Building …

Well, I haven’t been building a hive or a  nest, but if you’ve wondered where I’ve been these last few days—aside from couch surfing after a nasty fall—I’ve been re-building the BOOK BLURB website. Yes, again. I’ve decided after much deliberation to put all my book reviews and have all my book-related posts over there,… Continue reading