WWW Wednesday

Welcome to WWW Wednesday, a meme hosted by Taking on a World of Words in which you answer three simple questions about what we’re reading:

  • What are you currently reading?
  • What did you recently finish reading?
  • What do you think you’ll read next?

What I am currently reading:

I picked up a copy of THE PHANTOM TREE by Nicola Cornick yesterday, only to discover that it’s book 2 (typical) in a series. But, what the hell, so far, it’s been an interesting read.

Browsing antiques shops in Wiltshire, Alison Bannister stumbles across a delicate old portrait—supposedly of Anne Boleyn. Except Alison knows better The woman is Mary Seymour, the daughter of Katherine Parr who was taken to Wolf Hall in 1557 as an unwanted orphan and presumed dead after going missing as a child.

The painting is more than just a beautiful object from Alison’s past—it holds the key to her future, unlocking the mystery surrounding Mary’s disappearance, and the enigma of Alison’s son. But Alison’s quest soon takes a dark and foreboding turn, as a meeting place called the Phantom Tree harbours secrets in its shadows

Now, doesn’t that sound intriguing to you?

What I just finished reading:

Well, actually, I haven’t just finished anything. Not of late, anyway, as many of you know, I hit a brick wall having tried to read both A LIFE TO KILL and FORTY WORDS FOR SORROW, and DNF’d both of them. Though, technically, I set both books aside in the hope I might pick them up at a later date to finish. We’ll see.

What I plan on reading next:

I’m hoping to read TWISTED by Steve Cavanagh—which is, I believe, a standalone from his earlier Eddie Flynn series—and either a book I’ll love because, well, it’s twisted, or hate. Depending on who’s read and reviewed it. So I’m not going in with any expectations other than I hope it’s as much fun to read as his other books.


1. The police are looking to charge me with murder.
2. No one knows who I am. Or how I did it.
3. If you think you’ve found me. I’m coming for you next.

After you’ve read this book, you’ll know: the truth is far more twisted…

Let’s hope TWISTED is as twisted as it sounds!

And you, what are you reading at the moment, anything gripping?

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  1. March 29, 2019

    Fingers crossed for Twisted!

    I just finished my first Harlan Coben book yesterday. It was pretty good. I’m gonna get more of his books i think 😀

    • March 29, 2019

      Yeah, I’m still waiting on the shop to phone me. And I haven’t read any Coben either, which is strange given what he writes. But I have this thing about avoiding some of those ‘BIG’ names as there stories all seem to be the same. I should give him a go.

  2. March 27, 2019

    Hahaha Alexandra picking unknowingly book two in a series is something that could happen to me too!

    • Alexandra
      March 27, 2019

      I had gone in to collect another book, which hadn’t arrived, Sophie. So, I stopped to look at what was on the ‘new’ shelf and saw this one, not realising it was book 2. But, so far, it hasn’t seem to matter. I’m really enjoying it.

  3. Ughhhh I’m currently trying to read The Power and I am noooot diggin’ it. I have a super hard time DNFing books but I also don’t want to get back into the dreaded book slump!!!

    • March 27, 2019

      Oh, I hear you loud and clear, Sweetie. I wanted to make sure I tried to finish every book this year after having one too many DNFs last year. But sometimes, you just have to let go on a bad book, or, at least, a boring one.

      Set it aside and move on. I think my slump came because I was trying too hard to finish everything.

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