Let’s Play Word Games

Those who know me, and those who know me well, know that I love to collect words. All sorts of words. But I also collect puns, sayings, and snippets that I find of value, whether it’s to remind me of who I am and where I fit in, to quotes that make me laugh and smile.

One of the fun things I collect are play on words, as in:

  • AUCTION FEVER — more bid curiosity
  • FINGER PAINTING — handscapes
  • ANTIQUE SHOW — fun at the circas
  • LEADING ARTIST — top drawer

And, in celebration of SciFiMonth, here are a few more I’ve collected over the years:

  • BETELGEUSE – Instant space drink made from insects.
  • FINAL SOLUTION – The universal solvent.
  • VALIUM OF THE DOLLS – Robot tranquilizers.
  • MASTER BAITER – The ultimate in handheld fishing gear.
  • WHEREWOLF – Computer dating service for lycanthrophiles.
  • CY BORG – The bionic tennis player.
  • SEA OF TRANQUILITY – Bath salts.
  • KODACLONE – Duplicating film.
  • CYBERKNOT – Robot zippers.
  • ANDROMEDA STAIN – Hair-colour that makes you look like a star.
  • GOSSAMAR DODO – Human powered airplane for people who are afraid to fly.
  • MENTAL FLOSS – For removing extraneous material between brain cells.
  • QUASIMOTO – A four-wheeled, hard-topped moped made in France, affectionately known as the Hatchback of Notre Dame.
  • MRS. PAULI’S FISSION CHIPS – A high-energy snack.
  • SUTURE SELF – Home surgery kit.
  • SIC TRANSIT – A pill to counteract space sickness.
  • BATTLESTAR GALAXATIVE – Super deluxe space laxative.
  • C-3PO – Robot deodorant.
  • ALPHA SELTZER – A tablet that induces a meditative state.
  • CYBER-NOT – Robot repellent.
  • DRY SACKHARINE – The first sugar-free wine.
  • GANY MEADE – A fine pilsner beer chilled in liquid methane.
  • IMI-TATERS – Potato substitute.
  • APOLLO CAPSULES – The only contraceptive that makes re-entry as safe as the first.
  • SKY LABS – Government trained dogs used for retrieving space-debris.
  • MILK OF AMNESIA – To help you forget the problems of the day.
  • DILDOES – Pickled deer meat on a stick.
  • LIQUID PRO QUO – Water substitute.
  • PLUTONIUM BLONDE – A radiant new hair colour.
  • DEAD EARNEST – A male doll that simulates rigour mortis.
  • QUEASER – Space sickness pills.
  • CLEARSOL – Sunspot remover.
  • MALIG-NOT – A cure for the common cold.
  • RESURRECTOL – For prompt, temporary relief from death.
  • MC SQUARES – The crunchy breakfast cereal that equals energy.
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Alex loves to rearrange the English language into clever sentences. Sometimes she's successful, sometimes she's not.


    • Alexandra says

      I love stuff like this, Christina, they just crack me up. And what better way to make someone smile, right? The possibilities are endless.

    • Alexandra says

      Ha! Ha! Right? And trust you to find that one funny.

    • Hi Veronica, it’s good to see you here again. Yeah, I like that one too, it’s so funny!

  1. It’s good to be back. I’m up to my elbows with icing! I’ve been busy decorating cookies for Christmas!

    • Alexandra says

      Wow, already? Ha! Ha! Talk about being prepared. I haven’t even thought about food or decorations … yet!

  2. Ha ha, what a fun collection to have. GANY MEADE is so funny. As I am from a beer country, I’ve got to appreciate that.

    • Alexandra says

      I like how everyone has their own fav, Vera. Personally, I like ANDROMEDA STAIN, being what’s called a bottle blonde! Ha! Ha!

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