What Kind of Book Blogger …

… am I?

I’m remiss on my book blogging duties these days, now that I’m earnestly trying to do my online writing project, setting up a website, and procrastinating over every little detail. So that I haven’t actually been thinking about book-related posts. And haven’t even picked up a book to read, let alone review, in the last couple of weeks.

I just keep getting distracted by … oh, look, shiny! Okay, you get the picture.

All this to say, what with the holidays coming up, and my new project absorbing all my energy and excitement, there will be a little less posting of book-related posts here, for a while. And probably a lot more, pop on by Terran Incognito based posts. But, in my defence, they will be to alert you that there’s something posted of interest, so you should stop by and have a read.

Don’t worry, I will still be blogging, only not every day, as usual. And I will still continue to visit your blogs and comment, throughout the week. And, as they say, stand by, there’s more to come!

Now, if you will excuse me, I have vacancies aboard a space ship to fill.

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  1. Well you are forgiven Alexandra as I won’t be a very good blogger these days either. Lucky for me I scheduled all my posts till Thursday but it will be hard to follow everyone Like I do so …good luck with all the shiny LOL

    • Alexandra says

      I do try to get ahead of myself with post ideas, and then, getting them written and scheduled, but at the moment, I’m distracted with the new website. And anyway, I’m sure every one will be the same in a week or two, as we get closer to the holidays. Everyone will be blogging less. So I don’t feel so guilty.

      Off to polish the ‘shiny’! 😉

    • Alexandra says

      Hey, thanks Nikki, I appreciate the cheering from the sidelines. And I hope to see you over on the Space Fleet website too. 😀

  2. I’m notoriously on and off blogger. I just recovered from a nasty bug – if I didn’t have a few posts prepared it would have been crickets for a while… and that would also be ok.

    I see all of this as fun that fits our schedules. And your blogging friends do understand. ❤️

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