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Hi there and welcome to my new spot in cyberspace:

Excuse me while I dust off the furniture and find you a chair.

As you can see, nothing much has changed, other than the actual web address. Everything’s still here. All my posts arrived safely, as did all your comments. The only thing that seems to have been lost in transit—or is that, translation?—is people’s post ‘likes’. Which, apparently, is just one of those things I’ll have to live with. It also means I no longer have my top post counts, but hey, I can live with that.

The important thing is, everything else arrived here safely, hopefully, along with you, Dear Reader!

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  1. I’m happy everything went well! It would have stressed me out so much but then I’m not that tech savvy 😉

    • Alexandra
      May 24, 2019

      So am I, Inge. It was a little stressful, as I decided to do the move myself. But I’m very pleased that I pulled it off. 😀

  2. Congratulations on your successful transition!

    • Alexandra
      May 24, 2019

      Thanks, Jonetta. Everything seems to arrived intact, including my sanity! 😉

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