Update Day #41

We’re living in apocalyptic times.

I think our Premier knows this. I also think from his daily briefings that he’s prepping the people of Québec for what’s to come. It’s in the choice of phrasing, the words he uses, and how he is introducing the idea that people will have to do more.

Much more.

In ways they probably have never done before. They might actually have to work. Hard work. On a farm, in a field. In a nursing home. Or any one of probably hundreds of places they never imagined pre-virus. Doing work they think is for other people.

I hear it in his tone, and, if you look at how things might play out. He’s right. Right to be doing this now, months ahead of time. Getting people use to the idea they are going to have to volunteer. And volunteer for scut work.

If you think our neighbours in Mexico are going to come up here and plant our fields for us, you are sadly mistaken. If you think others will come and do the work. You are sadly mistaken. And the Premier knows this.

He started last week asking anyone and everyone who could, to sign up (volunteer) online to go work in all of Québec’s stricken nursing homes. And more. FULL TIME. Not just a few spare hours here and there, but shift work. Regardless of your once lofty status. He wants people to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in.

And. Much to many’s surprise. 20,000 people signed up to do just that. Doctors and nurses, who in the normal course of things, would be doing routine surgeries. But even with so many signing on to be paid next to nothing, they came. But still, it’s not enough.

For so long these homes, run by FOR PROFIT organisations have gotten away with bare minimum staffing and care, and they system has collapse.

Now, think of this scenario across the board. In all areas of manufacturing or provision.

What do you think farmers are calling for, right now? Workers. Helpers to go out into the fields. Because, it’s spring, it’s planting time. And Honey, if you want that loaf of bread next week, next month, and in three month’s time, where do you think it’s coming from?

Fruit, veg? Supermarkets may have everything in hand right now, despite what you think, but sooner, rather than later, we’re all going to have to face facts. The corona virus has shown us just how fragile out systems are.

Food supply, health care … there is going to come a point where we will all have to roll up our sleeves, and suck it up, for the better good of all, and get down and dirty if we don’t want the next BIG event to over take us all.

A world-wide famine! And it won’t be just a few shortages, across the board, but everything we have taken for granted up until now.

Think about it, because you can be as sure as hell, someone somewhere has.

Are you ready?

Stay safe out there, people, and take care of yourselves and family.


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    1. AlexAlex April 23, 2020 at 9:37 am

      I think this is the next, most likely scenario, Jonetta. I think, much like my parents during WWII, many of us will have to go back to the land. It makes sense.

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