Update Day #36

I am well passed my first month of staying home (though, not quite self isolation as I have my partner here) and in that time everything across the planet has change, and continues to evolve and yet, as they say, nothing has change.

On the small scale of things, the daily routine here, at Chez Alex, is pretty much what has been for a handful of years, since I sort of semiretired after my brain fart, in 2016. I’ve cultivated a daily routine that I’ve adjusted, but only slightly, to accommodate having my partner at home. A routine that gives me structure and, in doing so, keeps me sane too.

Especially as I’m not venturing outside further than my own balcony at the moment. With routine and structure, I was able to pull myself back together, after my brain event, and take the time to slowly heal, get healthier and work towards being a better version of myself, by taking time for me, when needed, and to look at the world through a different, more kinder lens.

One in which I take my time to observe, to enjoy, to savour, and to participate in, in a way I maybe wasn’t doing before.

As a result of that four years of retraining my mind, my body and, quite possibly, my heart and emotions too. Finding a more stable place to be, and live my life. I feel I have been preparing myself, in a way, for these times, and in coping with the stresses of whats happening better than I would have with the old me.

I might be kinder, I might be gentler, but when all said and done, I won’t be taken for a fool nor will I suffer fools any longer.

Stay safe out there, friends, and take care of yourselves.


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  1. AvatarSophie @BewareOfTheReader April 17, 2020 at 3:50 pm

    I didn’t know you had that brain problem years back Alexandra! Reading you I would say you’ve retained or regained all your faculties!

    1. AlexAlex April 17, 2020 at 5:19 pm

      There was no lasting damage, or neural problems and after a couple of months, and what they called the debris from the event flushed from the brain (marvellous things) I was given the all clear, and do yearly check ups, but so far, no problems. Which is why I was a tad worried, in February, when I had the high blood pressure problems. I’m just very careful to keep an eye on what’s happening and my state of health. Thanks, Sophie.

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