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Update Day #35

When all the news is bad news, how do you get through the day? By ignoring it and hoping it will go away or by distracting yourself with menial takes, with things to do throughout the day? I don’t know what the answer is, or how you cope. But for me, it’s been writing these posts, trying to keep to as much a routine as possible, and limiting my news intake severely to once a day, if that.

I know it’s not healthy to yell at the TV or iPad in righteous indignation, and outrage, it’s not going to change who Trump is, or how stupid some people are, or the fact too many act like lemmings hell bent of throwing themselves off the cliff, into the sea, following the lemming in front of them.

When and if we get out of this, and a remnant of humanity is still standing, and after all is said and done and the finger pointing is finished with, and someone sits down to write the history of survival, I wonder what they are going to write.

The truth? A series of half truths? And what exactly is the truth anymore? Certainly, I don’t think history will look back at this time, and think we handled the situation, if at all. And this is not the first crisis, nor will it be the last, but more likely one more in a whole string of events and pandemics that will visit us over the coming years. The frequency of which just might bring us to our knees. These will not be a ‘once in a lifetime’ event, or once in a generation.

Pandemics may become the new norm every 5-6 years as groups of people continue to go deeper into the jungle, further into uncharted territory, And we, as a species, will either have to adapt, or, as they say, go extinct.

Humanity, extinct under the weight of its own hubris. Not quite a fitting epitaph but maybe an apt one.

And all this as the headlines, this morning, have Trump declaring the crisis is over, and America will be open for business just as soon as he can dismantle the US in order to do it. While Japan finally declares a nationwide state of emergency as their country’s outbreak worsens. And America withdraws funds from the World Health Organisation, who declared Europe the centre of the pandemic, today, and as astronauts from the space station landed safely in Russia to a very different world than the one they left just a few short months back.

Nothing, as they say, will ever be normal again.

Meanwhile, rambling thoughts aside, stay safe out there, people, and take care of you and yours.


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What Alexandra? Trump is opening everything again??? Well I do listen to the news once a day as I must know what I can and can’t do. That aside, I go for long walks in the sun (social distancing of course), I create funko pops (that’s kind of my therapy) , I take pictures, I read and I pet my dog LOL

Yep, he’s decided that America can open and go back to normal, but that man is nuts! 😳

And yes, we’re all doing our best, finding what works for us. And I love your funko pop creations, they’re amazing. And at least having a dog gives you a good excuse to go out and get some fresh air. Just safe out there, where you are.

For me, anyway, it’s a matter of taking one hour at a time, having a routine, and trying to see the good in situations. Not always easy, but it helps me. And I know that we will get through this. It won’t be the same, but we will. Stay safe!

That’s what my partner and I were saying at lunch time, Margot. That no matter what, all we can do is follow the rules, try to stay focused, and hope for the future. It’s hard on everyone, and I know, within our own family group, with lay-offs and the lockdown, everything has become a juggling act.

Anyway, thank you as always, Margot, you are a ray of light.

But it is not all bad news,is it? The pandemic is slowing down,slowly but still and we are only talking about any form of lockdown for what? One month,two,maybe three,definitely not more. And real hardship?…frankly that’s nothing compared to any war,be it in the past or in the present day .Syria, Yemen and probably another hundred places we don’t even know about . I don’t think that they would mind queuing up for a bit of food….

No, it’s not all bad news, it just feels like it some days, when the headlines win out over common sense. There are plenty of instances and moments where people are doing the right thing, helping those around them in many ways. And they always give hope that we can get through this no matter how long it lasts.

And this is a war, a silent war, being fought in every country, at every border, across the globe.

Perhaps,but I’m not sure that it is the same kind of war(against this invisible natural enemy)that is raging across the globe. I think that Corona patients in Yemen have no chance whatsoever. The lower classes in India do not have the same chances. People with no access to basic healthcare…And they are definitely not the exceptions…
And as for war,it always comes with betrayal and disillusion in mankind,because war is after all a human invention…

That’s the sad fact, unfortunately, that those less fortunate are always the first casualties, and the worst hit by tragedy, whether it’s war, or disease. And until we find the answers this is how it will always be. Maybe Corona can bring about change, or, enough change to make a difference. But I doubt it very much.

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