Random Thoughts

Update Day #34

It’s the middle of April today, and I want to talk about something other than the pandemic, or politics, or the frightening things happening in the world. Which means, of course, let’s talk about the weather. And why not indeed, after yesterday’s rant, I think we could all do with a break and a chance to just maybe look at pretty flowers, passing clouds, and try to believe that mother nature will prevail, and if She can persist and survive all this, then so will we.

Today’s weather is brought to you by the letters A and W two very good letters.

So today’s story starts when I looked up from surfing twitter (about 20 minutes ago) to see both the sun, on the left hand side of my large picture window, and, on the right, dark grey clouds looming. Not one minute later … it was snowing.

I kid you not.

The sun was dazzling on the one side, and yet, it was also snowing. I love when the weather gives you this dichotomy of opposites at the same time. It was wonderful to watch as big fat flakes splatted against my window [see photographic evidence below]. It only lasted several minutes and then was followed by blue skies and bright sunshine again.

I think it’s going to be that kind of day, today.

And you, how’s your day going, are you holding it all together? I hope so.

Stay safe, people, and above all, take care.