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Update Day #33

I’m struggling again, today. It’s another day that I feel like the weather outside. Windswept and tossed about by the whims of Nature, who has other designs for us right now. And the strangest thoughts keep popping into my head amid the flow or is that, onslaught, of emotions. Disgust, sadness, anger.

Especially the anger. Anger at people’s greed. This morning’s news centred around reports of the number of deaths in Nursing Homes, and other long term care facilities—mostly privately own. And those who run these establishments for profit.

F O R  P R O F I T!

Here we’re told some of these places charge anywhere between $3,000 and $10,000 A MONTH for each client’s care, and then, they’re not getting it … left to sit in their own faeces, some haven’t been fed or looked after for days during the COVID crisis, and 20 to 30+ dead in several of these so-called care facilities!

Why, oh, why?

If everything that is happening in the world right now doesn’t change people’s attitudes towards us becoming a more caring society where we care as much for our elderly as we do for our children, then god help us. We’re doomed. And there will be no new, bright, shining future for us—humanity—in a world that doesn’t give a damn. That part of the equation is supposed to be our job, and we don’t seem to care about anything these days but what is everyone else doing for us.

I want to scream and rage at people. I want to take them by the lapels and shake them till then listen or grow a sense of moral outrage. I want to physically hit the greedy, the complacent, the lazy, and those who look the other way and say, we can’t do anything, it’s not our fault.

Yes, yes we can do something, and it is each and everyone on this planet’s fault if we don’t.

Thankfully, there are as many here, as me, who are as outraged and shocked by what has gone on here, in our little corner of the world, and have asked all the right questions. Things ARE being done. And those responsible for this outrage will and are being taken to task. And, I hope, with all my heart, face some kind of murder charges for the negligence and culpability in the deaths of tens of people.

Because, believe me when I say this, this was murder.

Remember, these people could be your family, your parents, your grandparents.

What’s the answer, when we cannot take care of our elderly, ourselves, at home? Paying taxes, just as you would for schools, hospitals, police and other emergency service. Nursing and care homes available to all, in the same way we should have schooling and child care for all.

We need to start earning our citizenship through public service, not because we were born someplace, but because we contribute to the welfare of all, young and old alike, through civic duties.

Sadly I dream, I dream of a better world, a better future, that has little chance of ever being a reality. But still, I will continue to dream.

Thinking of you all,


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Indeed, Jonetta, it’s appalling that there seems to have been little or no oversight to the these companies. And I know here, many were shocked. We were told this afternoon, the police will prosecute at least three owners over this. I sincerely hope so.

It seems, it’s happening everywhere, Sophie. And it’s both heartbreaking and shocking. I hope there are those where you are, that are taking measures.

I do so agree with you, Alexandra. We may live in different parts of the world but people are people… The me, myself, I mentality is so much a part of modern society we barely notice it anymore, and for all the fashionable talk of empathy, it’s distinctly lacking in many folk. Yet, there are umpteen kindly souls who put others before themselves. We’re seeing the worst and the best of humanity in the current crisis. You’re right, though, things need to change because we (i.e. humans in general) are currently an unpleasant parasite on the earth – neither use nor ornament to any living thing, including ourselves (and extremely destructive into the bargain). Like you I feel angry and frustrated but we can only hope that a sufficient number of others feel likewise and things begin to shift in a more positive direction. Take care and keep safe. 😊

Thank you, Paula. You, of course, understand all too well given you are going through the very same thing there, in the UK, and probably more so. You have so many more dead than us here, in Canada, and Quebec. And while those who exemplify selflessness and a giving nature are doing their utmost, it’s always the one or two who manage to cause the most heartache and disaster and what for? For profit!

Indeed, we are seeing the duality that is human nature, and while it’s hard to cope with the worst, we have to be thankful for the best of it, in that they give us all hope for a way forward. I just hope, in the end, it’s enough. But will things really change? I guess we have to wait and see.

Though, personally, I’m not sitting around waiting for others to instigate that change. I’m writing to those that need to hear, giving where I can, and doing my utmost to offer as much moral support to those in the emergency services as possible. They saved my life, and for that, I am and will always be forever grateful.

Take care of you and yours too, Paula, and let’s hope the best of humanity makes it through this better armed to bring about a new hope.

Thank you, Paula, that means a lot to me at the moment. I, like so many, am just trying to make sense of everything that’s happening, and share my own personal perspective.

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