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Update Day #32

Oh, how things they are a changing …” sung in a whiney Bob Dylan folksy style.

Who would have thought at the beginning of the year, even, that scoring a slot on the supermarket delivery schedule would become such a BIG deal. And that we would celebrate with a glass of champagne, a marching band, and streamers. No, nor did I. Not that any of those things happened just in case you thought I have a marching band on speed dial—I don’t.

What did happen was a slot in the schedule, and, a delivery of much needed supplies to arrive some time (no guarantee when) during the day, Friday!

I’m convinced when we finally got on the website, after an hours wait, that we would be unlucky, so when it said there were two time slots left, I almost leapt out of my chair and fist-pumped the air in jubilation. Oh, okay, so I actually sighed in relief, but who’s telling this story. Yeah, right, me.

So outrageous embellishments aside. We have another grocery delivery scheduled, and we didn’t have to fight dragons, slay monsters, or awkwardly avoid people hogging the meat fridges pondering what to buy for dinner 3 weeks from now.

We can rest easy, I hope, for another couple of weeks before we have to repeat the process, and just concentrate on not adding to the idiots who still think (a) this is a hoax (b) haven’t quite got the message or (c) simply don’t give a damn and continue to go outside and congregate.

My partner is currently watching the afternoon briefing and shouting through stats, the mind boggling one being the number of tickets and warnings that were issued to people over the Easter break.

It’s raining today, in fact, it’s pouring down. Let’s hope all these selfish people stayed home today. Or that the first fine of $1000 will make them think twice about repeat behaviour.

Meanwhile, stay safe out there, people, and take care.


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It’s very humbling, Jonetta. We begin to realize, if we haven’t already, there are so many we owe a debt of gratitude to during this crazy time.

It’s been one month now since I haven’t had a single slot available Alexandra! So grocery shopping has become a nightmare…

What? OMG, Sophie, how are you coping? At least we can scored one every couple of weeks or so, depending on if we get up at the crack of dawn, or now. I’d be going nuts. 🙁

Very glad you were able to get a delivery! I know what you mean, too, about everything taking on new meaning in these days. I’ve had the same sort of thing happen (e.g. ‘Oooh, we actually got paper towels! Victory!’). Glad you are staying safe.

I admire them that the supermarkets are still running and coping with this onslaught, just as much as us, everyone is having to adapt to the new norm. And I know we shouldn’t complain, but scoring toilet rolls, cleaning products and essentials has now become a cause for celebration.

It’s the substitutes they do that makes me and mine laugh out loud, like asking for winter cabbage and getting Chinese cabbage. Or miracle whip and getting ranch dressing. 😀

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