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Update Day #29


Today’s dilemma is a little less dramatic or exciting as yesterday’s and for that, I am thankful. For the last 3-4 weeks, like many, we have been trying to source certain items. For most people it seems to be they cannot find toilet paper. We’re okay on that count and have, by my reckoning—due to my partner’s incessant need to buy online—enough to last us well into the summer. But what we cannot find is, toothbrushes.

Yep. We had a pack of 4 and now? We only have 1 left, and I think the mice have been stealing them and selling them online, or, my partner uses a new brush far more quickly than I do. I can’t decide which it is. Either way, we’ve been looking and then, a Walmart here, in QC, had them for sale online. So, along with a bunch of other stuff we were hopeful of getting, ordered 2 four packs in anticipation.

Well, the Walmart order arrived with most of what we ordered … except the toothbrushes!


Really? I mean, come on people, who is hoarding the damn toothbrushes?

Look, I’m willing to trade you TWO TOILET rolls per toothbrush, any NEW, serviceable toothbrush. Please!

Any takers? What, four toilet rolls? Damn, you people drive a hard bargain.

But seriously, if anyone, anywhere, knows where I can lay hands on a damn toothbrush without having to pay an extra $10 PP in order to get it, let me know. We’re getting desperate here.

Meanwhile, must Google what people did to clean their teeth before the introduction of said implement.

Stay safe and try to enjoy Easter as best you can everyone, and remember, Skype and Facetime are way safer than inviting people over to celebrate and share COVID-19 with their chocolate eggs.


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Nwahaha you are really desperate if you are ready to trade your toilet paper Alexandra!

Ha! Ha! Yeah, you bet, Sophie. Got to bribe the toothbrush hoarders with something more valuable than gold, right? 😉

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