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Update Day #25

It’s just coming up for noon, midday here, and I’m already exhausted. We were both up early this morning, what doesn’t help is tossing and turning all night long unable to switch off. Reason? Grocery delivery today. I never realised how such a simple thing could induce such worry in me, till now.

Why? Because of what might be brought into our apartment, unbeknown to either of us, as we unpack and stow every thing away.

So, I was wide awake at 5:30ish going over a decontamination process for our delivery, wondering (a) how to wash it all with soapy water, whether that was feasible. Or use clorex bleach wipes, and if that would make a difference. And (b) if I were over reacting? Which, quite possibly I am.

But …

The numbers have been steadily rising here, in our province. Whereas they’ve started to subside, somewhat, in other provinces, and we’re still being told the worst is yet to come. Which they told us last week, and the week before, which would be over the following, that in turn never happened.

And yet? We’re told our province has the best numbers of people staying at home, and heeding the don’t go out order. But here we are, with well over 5000 infected and almost 200 in ICU.

I know.

I know these are still good numbers compare to most, but my fevered mind at the crack of dawn wasn’t having it. And I was setting up a full-on military style decontam area at the door that even my dear dad would have been proud of, thinking of how I could implement a negative pressure space, and how to process everything.

Needless to say, by the time we both sat down for breakfast, these plans had gone out the window and my partner had talked me off the ledge. So that when the delivery guy did arrive from IGA, with 2 trolleys loads, I had relented to rubber gloves, clorex wipes, and a drying station.

We’ve put our tinned good and packets on 24 hours isolation, in the corner by the door.

And you, how are you coping with deliveries? Going all out crazy mad, or doing little or nothing?

Whatever your choices, stay safe out there, and I hope you don’t get sent ranch dressing instead of miracle whip, or baby laundry detergent instead of cold water wash!


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Alex just look at my post today about …grocery shopping! So I get it!

I know, I got your notification for your post this afternoon, and laughed when I saw we had written similar posts about our grocery experiences. Talk about going into war dressed for battle. 😆

I so identify with you! I had to go to the grocery store this morning and was shocked at how many weren’t wearing masks. I kept my distance and raced through to amass an incredible amount of goods, mostly frozen, in ten minutes. I disinfected walking in and out, bringing my own bags and bagging my own goods. Anything not frozen wont be touched for hours if not days. I’ve already scheduled my next pickup for ten days from now, the earliest I could. At least I won’t have to go inside again.

I get your fear because it’s not unfounded. I wish there were some magic glasses I could wear that would allow me to see the virus. And, this was my first time wearing a mask. It was incredibly uncomfortable and my respect skyrocketed even more for the healthcare workers that must wear them all day long.

These are extraordinary times, evoking natural fears. You are entitled.

Oh, I am so glad to said that, Jonetta. My partner thinks because of my military training that I’m over reacting. But I would far rather be safe for both of us, than one or both of us fall ill. And it doe less harm to be cautious than to be stupid and ignore the potential.

So yes, mask and gloves when out, and no touching face. Bag own groceries, in your own cloth bags, because then, they can be washed when you get home.

It’s just the little things that we can do and control, that offer us a little more feeling of security, rather than despair or helplessness. And the less stress the better. And you’re doing all the right things. Stay safe, and take care.

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