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Update Day #21


Can three weeks be classed as a milestone? I don’t know. But it sure feels like it should be. And what’s even more weird is just how long March felt like. Or, as some bright spark on Twitter said, “March has been the longest decade of my life.” And they’re not wrong, either. Each day seem to stretch into an eternity, each hour a millennia, and each minute moved as if on a geological time scale.

And yet. It’s only been three weeks since my birthday.

That in itself is shocking. And with the potential for this pandemic to go 2, 3, or even 4 months or longer, can you imagine how old everyone is going to feel coming out of this long dark tunnel? We will all be stood there, blinking into the bright light realising we’re still alive, and that it’s still only 2020 and millions might have died or been infect by then?

I can only hope that I can get through this, just as I hope everyone I know and whose lives have intersected and touched mine, get through this. And that by Christmas, we’ll be living in a whole other kinder society, with more understanding and tolerance. But a part of me, the side that’s stuck in shadow today, feels this may be just the start of things to come. And because we didn’t heed the experts back when MERS and SARS hit, we haven’t made enough preparations, haven’t made enough of an effort or begun to realise, this could be the new norm.

Life with yearly pandemics. Our whole way of life abruptly cut short, or curtailed.

That thought scares me more, at this moment in time, than stepping outside right now, because the plausibility let alone the possibility is something we need to take seriously, and now.

Yes, as I think you might have guessed, I’m struggling today, like so many of us. I think I need to take a mental health day today, and go do something indulgent. And you should too.

Take care everyone, and stay safe out there.


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Alex no need to fret on what you can’t control honestly. I try to live under a rock some days because too much news become toxic. Sending you hopeful vibes!

You’re right, of course, Sophie. It’s just some days, it all gets to me. So thank you, I’ll take those positive vibes today, and wrap them around me tightly! 💛

I was thinking about watching something funny, too, Jonetta. Like the I LOVE LUCY SHOW. A boxed set I got for my birthday. As for the chocolate? I’ll have to pass. We have none, and, as a type 2 diabetic, is a no-no. Unless someone wants to send me some without sugar!! Ha! Ha!

I’ve replaced chocolate with fruit, and trying to nibble veggies too. Not quite the same, but it’s healthier. I’ll treat myself to some online chocolate another time, I just need to find the right kind. Meanwhile, me and mine will do an I Love Lucy tonight, and have a laugh.

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