Update Day #17

It’s Sunday, and who wants to hear more gloom and doom than is necessary? Not me, that’s for sure, so instead of worrying about what I cannot control, I need to bring my focus back into to me and mine, and things I can control. My environment where I live, what I eat, and how I spend my time, each day.

So yesterday, in between hanging out, playing cards, doing some cleaning, my partner doing a quick sortie to the grocery. I planned a four week menu based on all the tins, packets, and fresh items we have in stock. And realised, that while we have plenty of pork and chicken, plenty of eggs, we were a little deficient on other things. Namely, no beef. No ground beef, no beef pieces, ergo, no chilli, no beef bourguignon, five spice beef ragu, or African beef and peppers.

My partner skipped a whole line in my printed out instructions—yes, they need them detailed otherwise we might only have 1 egg in the fridge, and not a dozen! But, despite my best efforts, it took till this morning for me to realise, with horror, I now have four slots in my meticulously created meal plan of action … because, we have no cow in this house!

All the best laid plans just went out the window and we will now be substituting baked potatoes and or cheese quesadillas instead.

Send help, I’m going to need more peppers.

I’m now researching alternatives, as I have a lot of pasta and rice noodles, and maybe will use quick fry stir veggies dishes, Chinese or Thai style.

And you? How are you coping with meal planning, or are you just winging it by the seat of your pants? Or sneakily, ordering in?

Stay safe out there, people.


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  1. AvatarJonetta (Ejaygirl) | Blue Mood Café March 30, 2020 at 7:24 am

    We are definitely winging it! I’ve tried to make certain we have variety in our stock but hubby asked me yesterday if I’d gotten any beef…that’s normally his job!

    1. AlexAlex March 30, 2020 at 10:02 am

      The first couple of weeks I tried whinging it, but then was reduced to us eating beans on toast. And then when they got serious about the stay at home message, and we’re only doing one shop every 2 weeks, I thought I better be a bit more organised, Jonetta.

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