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Update Day #13

Wow, I’ve been at this self isolation thing for almost two weeks. And every day seems like it’s a week long. In an effort to break each day up into segments and, therefore, make it easier to pass the time doing at least something productive, in between worrying or avoiding the latest news. I try to go make a brew about every other hour. And during the time it takes the kettle to boil, I do circuits. Then again, when I put the timer on, I do five more minutes of circuits. This is the sum total of my exercise for each day, given I don’t have a home gym, or anything.

Circuits, I hear you say? The apartment has a narrow, galley kitchen, accessible from both the dinning room and the utilities area, which is adjacent to the front door. This means I can walk in something approaching a crooked rectangle, in and out of the kitchen.

Circuits. It’s not ideal, but it’s the best thing I can do under the circumstances and, as a result of all this ‘walking’ circuits, I’m getting my exercise, getting fit, and, the most marvellous thing of all, loosing weight!

Just this one little thing has resulted, along with a radical change in both my thinking and diet, has resulted in the loss of TWENTY FIVE pounds in 4 weeks!

Yes, I have given up extra sugar, as in adding sugar to food. Dumping breakfast cereals, no more packets/tins with hidden sugars (and there are a LOT!) Even humble ketchup is restricted to 1 tablespoon when needed. I’m not giving up taste, or flavour. But turning to using other ways to make my food interesting, without sweet desserts, puddings, cakes or cookies—all banned from our apartment, along with chips and candy.

It also means I’m cooking form scratch a lot more than before, and believe me, I cooked between 4-5 home cooked meals a week before this. Now? It’s between it’s at least 6 meals. This means spending time on a Sunday afternoon meal planning, which in turn meant inventorying the larder, fridge, and freezer. Hence the new section on this blog called: Recipes.

If we come through this, and I’m sure we will, together, stronger and more determined. I’m going to be thinner, fitter and more ready than I have been at any other time in my life, to enjoy each and every day as it comes.

Oh, and probably we’re all going to need a visit to the salon, never mind, haircuts!

Stay safe out there, people!

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Home exercise has not been given enough credit i think. I have some stairs in the flat i often utilise for this purpose as well.
Well done! 🤗Pretty awesome!

Thanks, Norrie. Like you said, we don’t give credit to what we have on hand, so I’m utilising what I have. I also sit in a straight back chair and weight lift large cans of tomatoes, since I don’t have weights. And I’ve started doing very basic yoga. I can’t wait to get out on the balcony, where there is more room, to do some stretches. We gotta do, what we gotta do, right? 🤗

It has really lifted my spirits, Jonetta. Not only that, I feel so much healthier as a consequence, which is always good news. I could be more happier with this paying off with such good results. It was just a number of small things, but together, have all helped.

I hope you’re doing well too!

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