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Update Day #12

After my panic attack the other night, I steadfastly avoided listening to any news yesterday. I didn’t watch any TV and, in fact, and busied myself in doing fun projects, taking a day off worrying about the damn planet. It’s hard to care about others who are so cavalier about their safety and more importantly, don’t seem to give a shit about others. The scientist in me says: it’s the selfish gene kicking in. But damn if people who don’t take responsibility for their actions should damn well own the consequences.

All that aside, today I am again avoided the news for my own personal health reasons, I need a break. There is only so much heartbreaking news a person can cope with at any one given moment in time. I want to concentrate on positive things, like, the sun is out, the weather is warming, and I might go out onto the balcony, during tea-break, and enjoy a little warming of my soul. Listen to the sparrows chirrup while nesting in the privacy hedge. Watching  the wildlife is its own special therapy.

I should add, our local flock of sparrows runs at about 20+ strong and they make a noisy alarm clock first thing in the morning. And no, I’m not complaining, every morning I can wake and hear them, is a good morning to enjoy. With them, 4 squirrels, a shy ground hog, and occasional belligerent skunk, I get to play David Attenborough with my sketchbook watching them.

The other thing I am quietly celebrating and, at the same time, mourning, is my mother’s birthday, which is today. Had she lived, she would have been 95 today. Sadly, she passed away February, 1999 a few days before her then birthday.

I still miss her.

Happy Birthday, Mum,

Love Alex

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Good of you to concentrate on other things. I’m the other part though, I check newssites twice a day, watch the news on tv for new info and the documentary later in the evening. I don’t know why I need to know all there is to know about it, all I do know is I hate all things out of control so this is definitely not making me feel good. I’m sorry you have to miss your mum lovely, big hug today!

I’m trying my best. It’s the only way I know how to stay sane, Inge. But it’s hard to stay away from the facts, but I’m just taking them in smaller doses. It has helped. Maybe try cutting down to the news at breakfast rather than all day long. It might cut down on your anxiety too.

Yes, I miss mum, especially on her birthday. But on the other hand, I’m glad neither parent is around to have to deal with all this, at the moment. Big hugs, Sweetie!

I totally agree with you Alexandra! People are sometimes so selfish in this crisis. And I also do tend to bury my head in the sand when the news are overwhelming me. Self preservation.

I just wish they understood what danger they are putting so many people in, with their reckless behaviour. And yes, it is reckless. And there is nothing wrong with avoiding the news, we need to do that sometimes, for our own peace of mind. Taking a break, while following the stay at home edict, is okay. Keep your family safe, Sophie. xx

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