Random Thoughts

Update #5

By the Numbers:

  • 42,000 tested
  • 8 deaths
  • 598 confirmed cases
  • US/Canadian Border closed
  • Money available: $93 billion

The PM is live on TV at the moment, and has announced several new measures, most of them aimed at helping people who will suddenly find themselves out of work. They are going to use infrastructure that’s already in place, as in Employment Insurance payouts, and Child Care benefits. Also, self employed will get help. They’ve earmarked $55 billion in a safety net, plus $25 billion to be used straight away.

All I can say is thank god we have a Liberal Government, and Trudeau leading the country during this crisis.

On a more personal note, my partner is in the thick of it at work, heading a Task Force strategising a health response and policy (respecting law) in helping all Quebeckers. There will be a lot of new measures coming into effect both today, and this week.

So happy at the thoughtful responses from both the local and federal governments. And the continued support of my partner, during this trying time.

Stay safe out there!