Random Thoughts

Update #4

We are on Day 5 here, in Québec City, of our stay at home phase. But for me, unlike many, I’ve had 4 years in which to practise working and being alone, so for me, this is no hardship, just awkward. Since 2016, after being rushed to hospital and surviving a near-death event, I reordered my life, and started to make changes then. And slowly but surely, implement a new way of living, which included being home more, though, not necessarily isolated.

People think that because we’re told to stay home, this means cutting ourselves off from everyone and everything.

NOT SO! It just means being sensible, being cautious, and thinking about planned trips out and when to take them. And where. I can still go out, so can you all, to a local park, a walk around the neighbourhood. What’s being asked of us all, is to make sure we KEEP OUR DISTANCE if we’re anywhere others might be too.

Working and staying home with all today’s modern tech at our fingertips gives us a huge advantage over those who went through similar, centuries or even, decades ago. We can use so many tools to connect with others, we can connect across the planet (for now) and reach out to so many.

So don’t feel isolated, reach out to others when you need too, keep active on social media and know this, we are all going through the same journey together, even if some are further along than others. And that we are not alone in this.

If you need to talk, if you need to connect with anyone and feel lonely, email me, ask to chat on skype, reach out, I’m here and I have all the time in the world to listen.

Stay safe out there, people.