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Top Ten Wednesday: My Top 10 Fav TV Shows

Okay, so I know there is no such #tag but, after seeing Norrie’s post, 10 Binge Worthy TV Shows To Watch (and, as I had already posted my Top 5 Tuesday, yesterday) I though I would steal Norrie’s idea and do a post on my favourite Top 10 TV Shows of the moment. So, in no particular order:

  • CARDINAL — A wholly Canadian show with two seasons down and a third coming this autumn. I can’t wait. This psychological police drama has been gripping viewing and, with only 6 episodes a season, tells a complete story. [Based on the series of books written by Giles Blunt.] Billy Campbell stars as John Cardinal, supported by Karine Vanasse as Det. Lise Delhorme.
  • PRIVATE EYES — Another uniquely Canadian show about a PI, Angie Everett (Cindy Sampson) who takes on Matt Shade (Jason Priestley), an ex-hockey player as a partner, and they team up to solve crime together. A very funny comedy-drama.
  • THE DETAIL — Okay, so I live in Canada, I watch a lot of Canadian TV. The Detail was another excellent, but short lived TV cop show that only got one season. Because, I suspect, it featured three female cops taking centre stage. I’m bummed it’s not been renewed as this was, once again, like Cardinal, an exceptionally well made, well acted, and well written show. It starred: Shenae Grimes-Beech, Wendy Crewson and Angela Griffin.
  • SALVATION — Oh god, what can I say, this is sooo bad it’s good. I spend more time laughing at the absurdity of the show, and talking to the TV that my partner is wondering whether I should be committed or not. But seriously, this show is a DUD but but I just can’t stop watching it to see what else they’ll get up to in the 160+ days Earth has left before an asteroid smashes into it! Pop-corn disaster show.
  • TAKE TWO — Another PI, another comedy drama, but with two very likeable characters and feel-good episodes that are always full of laughs despite the serious content. Stars: Rachel Bilson as Sam Swift a fallen actress, and Eddie Cibrian as PI Eddie Valetik. [Sadly, I hear there is to be no season 2 from ABC.]
  • CARTER — Okay, so I admit it I like TV cop shows that feature a lot of humour to off-set any dark topics. Carter stars Jerry O’Connell as Harley Carter, an actor who’s returned to the town where he grew up, teaming up with a couple of old friends, one of whom happens to be Det. Sam Shaw, played by Sydney Tamiia Poitier (yes, that Poitier) to solve crime. Lightweight and very funny.
  • REVERIE — This is science fiction drama where, somewhere in the not too distant future, like, next week, someone has built a system whereby people can live out there fantasies while they are in a dream-state. Season one has been interesting. Sarah Shahi plays Mara Kint an ex-investigator, Sendhil Ramamurt plays programmer, Paul Hammond, and Dennis Haysbert plays Charlie Ventana as a security consultant.
  • INSTINCT — Another cop show, with the wonderful Alan Cumming playing Dr. Dylan Reinhart, an ex-CIA operative working with Det. Lizzie Needham (Bojana Novakovic) of the NYPD, initially, to catch a serial killer.
  • GREY’S ANATOMY — Yes, I know, this show has been on like, forever, and shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. Thankfully, Shondra Rhimes keeps changing members of the cast, and freshening up story lines. And you either love the show, or you hate it. I’ve stuck with it through good and bad times.
  • THE GREAT BRITISH BAKING SHOW — Yes, I know, we have to have something light and fluffy in the list. And there’s nothing more gripping, more binge-worthy than this show. We are addicted. I mean it. We’re in the process of watching all 9 seasons in reverse order (I know, I’m weird) and are now in the middle of season 5. Epic stuff!

So there you go, these are my choices, what are your current favourites at the moment?


  1. Ooo, nice, a lot of detective stuff! I need to look these up! 🙂
    I used to watch Grey’s Anatomy. I think i gave up around season 5. Each episode made me so depressed that i just couldn’t continue with it.

    • Are you a big fan of cop stuff too? I love it, as long as it’s credible, and definitely if it’s funny. I’m not big on shows like Criminal Minds, or stuff that’s too violent.

      Yeah, Grey’s did hit a big time slump for a long time, but I hung in there. And, eventually, it picked up. Kill off a few characters, bring in some fresh writers and voilà!

  2. I so love the Great British Bake Off!!!!!! Too bad it’s changed channel now and I am not able to watch it anymore 🙁

    • Oh, that’s unfair. We watch it on an iPad app for one of the Canadian channels here: CBC. So we’re lucky enough to be able to watch all 9 seasons.

  3. I saw an episode of INSTINCT but, I have to tell you, it felt a bit dramatic, as in over the top. Give me Hill Street Blues any day. Not sure about the rest.

    • On that point, I probably have to agree with you, Mac. Instinct is a bit hit and miss, and when they pause for Buddy to have his epiphany moment with the glowing light show, I’m rolling my eyes. *snark*

  4. I used to love Greys Anatomy. I haven’t watched the last few seasons but I want to get back to it. Thanks for reminding me.

    Majority of these shows are new to me, thanks for the recommendation.

    • Hey, Vera, you didn’t miss much with Grey’s Anatomy, but last year really changed direction, and went back to doing better scripts and more drama. It’s improved greatly.

      As for the other shows? A lot of them are uniquely Canadian so I’m not sure how many you might get to see, your side of the pond. But I’m sure they will be available on somewhere like Netflix, or on DVD. 😀

      • I’m intrigued re Grey’s Anatomy. I stopped watching as I was just not enjoying it anymore but knowing now the most recent season improved makes me want to check it out again. I really enjoyed the early seasons. Thanks for letting me know.

        • You are more than welcome, Vera. I’ve really been enjoying it of late because of the dynamic between the “three” sisters, and the fact they are not above getting rid of some of their long standing characters and bringing in fresh faces.

          • I’m sold! I’ll read some online catch up for the seasons I’ll skip. Do you know which season is the one you are enjoying please? Thanks.

          • Ooo, I think we just watched season 14, as the next one up is season 15, Vera. And there are at least two new male characters coming in the new season (a couple of weeks time here!) Both sexy guys. 😉

            Hope that helps.

          • Thanks Alex, I’ll be checking season 14 out and am looking forward to season 15..

  5. I think they’re airing The Detail here now (unless I’m terribly mistaking) but I’ve not watched it.. there’s already so many criminal mind shows here that I thought it was just another new one and since I can’t even follow/keep up with the others I thought it best not to start.. if you can still follow me 🙂 It seems like a good one but too bad it’s only one season, makes me not get invested in it really. I know Private Eyes too from the past and Grey’s Anatomy is still here too but again not something I ever watched. I could still watch but I don’t like going in if it’s not from the start. That said, I have True Detective season 2 on my digicorder since 2016 because I missed season 1 on tv and I don’t want to watch it before Season 1. Yep, I know, a bit crazy 🙂

    • The best thing about THE DETAIL is the whole season is one story followed through from beginning to end. So complete in it self. Which I love about a lot of Canadian shows. They don’t drag it out season after season and then, get cancelled so you don’t know what the ending is going to be.

      CARDINAL is like that too. Because it’s based on a series of books, each season is a complete story. I really enjoy these kind of shows. Psychological, but also, police procedurals. But plenty enough action and tension.

      I hope you give them a tried because they’re definitely better than CRIMINAL MINDS, which I hate. It’s so violent.

  6. I’ve been binge watching all the 8 seasons of “Walking Dead”. Before this I watched “Twin Peaks”.

    • I think if we had Netflix we too would be binge watching way too many shows, Veronica. I liked the classic Twin Peaks, not so sure about watching the follow up though. Was it good?

      • Nah, it was a waste of time. So many scenes were irrelevant to the plot and the original cast hardly appeared in the new series.

        • Alexandra says

          Ah, I’ll give that one a big miss then. We just bought the first season of Sons of Anarchy for want of something different to watch, and besides, it was $5! Ha! Ha!

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