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Top 5 Worst Book Covers

Hosted by Bionic Book Worm, this week’s Top 5 Tuesday is centred on the Top 5 Worst Book Covers, maybe not ever, but close enough. We all have our favourites, covers that we’re drawn to from the minute we see them. Well, the same can be said for the worst, covers that put us off picking up a book to begin with.

So, here are my choices:

TOTAL RECALL by Sara Paretsky

I absolutely love Paretsky’s V.I. Warshawski novels. But her publisher, of late, seems to be none plus about the covers on her books, giving them bright coloured covers, yes, that catch the eye—but that’s it. There is no indication of what the book is about in any shape, way, or form, other than a shadowed V.I. in the centred of said bright colour. In the case of Total Recall, a vivid yellow with blood red lettering.

I’m assuming they don’t feel the need to waste money on a cover design, as everyone knows her series, and it’s famous protagonist.


Here again, is a terrible cover that really speaks to, well, nothing. It’s vague and indistinct, and really doesn’t represent the content of this novel, by Moon. Who, if you know and love SF, has written a couple of excellent series featuring head-strong capable women. But in this stand alone novel, for some reason, the publisher didn’t feel the need to shell out for decent cover artwork. And maybe it’s because the novel itself is as dull and drab as the cover itself—but that’s a whole other story to talk about at another date.

GLASS HOUSES by Louise Penny

For the most part, the covers for Penny’s books up here, in the Frozen North, have reflected some small part of the novel it’s representing. That is, till I picked up a copy of the hardback for Glass Houses, which the author herself kindly signed for me. This again feels like a very bland, almost generic cover that doesn’t even evoke the title of the novel, let alone reflect any of the content. Maybe that’s how it goes with a hard back, the artwork is saved for the paperback version.


This is the ultimate in SF classics for anyone who reads SF and or loves Heinlein books. This is considered his masterpiece, so when a publisher puts out a version with such a crappy looking cover, they are doing a disservice to SF fans, and the GrandMaster himself. Corny I can do, but drab? I guess they just didn’t know what to come up with given the title and or the content.

I WILL FEAR NO EVIL by Robert A. Heinlein

Yes, yes, I know, this like Stranger in a Strange Land are really old (like me) and back then, in the time of dinosaurs, no one really cared about book covers anyway. The more out there or salacious they looked, the better. We’re talking the late 60s early 70s when cover artwork was kind of retarded. Even the bright colours of today’s covers are preferable to some of the outrageous covers from back in the day!

So, these were my choices, what about yours?

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