Top 5 Tuesday
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Top 5 Tuesday

Because Inge over at The Belgian Reviewer suggested it, I’ve been thinking about book covers and their impact. And more specifically, the one’s that I, personally, love. Certainly, there have been many over the years but, for this Top 5 post, I’m sticking to covers from the last few years rather than the last few decades.

#1. THE CITY OF BRASS by S. A. Chakraborty

#2. DESCENDANT OF THE CRANE by Joan He as illustrated by Feifei Ruan

#3. THE COLOUR OF MAGIC by Terry Pratchett as illustrated by Josh Kirby

#4. EARTHSEA by Ursula La Guin as illustrated by Charles Vess

#5. The FLAVIA DE LUCE series by Alan Bradley as illustrated by Joe Montgogomery — And yes, I’m nominating the entire 10-book series for their bright colours, fun depictions, and consistent continuity of dark humour.

What’s important to note about all these covers—bar the Flavia de Luce series—is they are all fantasy titles. Which begs the question, what’s wrong with all the other genres that they don’t put the same kind of effort into the covers, as fantasy and science fiction do?

And you, dear reader, what are your favourite book covers?


  1. Oh, they are lovely!
    I could totes see the second one as wall art in my living room 🙂

    It’s rare to see such well made covers in other genres. I think Stephen King books generally have nice covers, and the recent editions of Agatha Christies are pretty cool as well.
    To me when a cover seems to be made specifically for a book makes me have a higher opinion about the whole thing. I kinda think it’s going to be a good book, well written, and well edited, etc.

    • Alexandra says

      Like you said in your post about the state of cover art in publishing. I mean, that thing with that doorway and all! Ye gads! It’s just weird that other genres just don’t seem to care about catching our attention quite like fantasy or SF do.

      A few publishers do try, I’ve seen some good covers from Orenda books, and certain authors get good treatment (as you say, SK does). But if they’ve gone to all the trouble of finding, buying, editing, and marketing a so-called good read, why then shove a generic cover on the front? Ah, well …

      And yeah, I’d hang all this artwork on my walls any day too, Norrie! 😀

  2. Wonderful to see your selection! I think I like the first one most of all, a few of the other covers are too eh crowded, busy for me, but they give me a good idea of your style, and that’s what I really wanted to know. Oh the Six Stories green cover with the trees aka audio waves is so clever I think, I’m happy you noticed some cool Orenda covers too 😃

    • Alexandra says

      I guess choosing these does show as much about me, as it does about the state of cover art. I never really thought about that before, Inge. And yes, you can infer a great deal about a person by the kind of things they chose to surround themselves with, including the books they read! 😉

      Oh, indeed, the covers for Alan Bradley’s Flavia series are incredibly clever, so very subtle and so very accurate about what the book is about too. And yes, I’m enjoying Orenda Books, they have some excellent authors and turn out a great selection of books on a regular basis. I hope they go from strength to strength.

    • Alexandra says

      Thanks, Jonetta. They really are fantastic artwork.

  3. The ‘One Night’ series by Jodi Ellen Malpas are currently my favourite covers, as is the hardback version of Anna of Kleve, by Alison Weir.
    Bit of a vested interest here, but I’m in love with my own book cover! The blue and gold combo are my absolute favourite; please feel free to check it out – Addicted to Love

    • Alexandra says

      Indeed, Nicola, I agree too. Oh, and your own cover? The blue and gold work really well together, very eye-catching, if not, vivid! 😀

  4. Ok posting a second time as it did not work yesterday! I just said that I also chose A City of Brass thanks to you! 😉

    • Alexandra says

      Eek! I’m sorry if you had problems posting a comment yesterday, Sophie. I know the internet, Google and the like, have been having problems. I think it’s the sunspot activity! 😉

      And yes, I saw you had chosen The City of Brass!!

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