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Top 5 Tuesday: Sequels I need To Read

If I said there was only one, how would that make me sound? Like I only read stand-alone novels? Or that I read really long series, so the next book in line isn’t really a sequel. Okay, so Shanah, over at the Bionic Book Worm has given me a doozy this week.

So I’ve been scratching my head for some time about what to put on this list. Knowing I could put anticipated books, or books lounging on a shelf somewhere. But either way, here’s what I’ve come up with 

  • THE EMPIRE OF GOLD by S. A. Chakraborty — I mean, come on, half the world is holding their breath waiting on this one. Waiting to learn what’s happened to our fav heroes: Nahri, Dara, Ali, and what’s become of Daevabad! And yes, I know, it’s book three in a trilogy, so not a true sequel.
  • AND FIRE CAME DOWN by Emma Viskic — This is the sequel to very enjoyable and quirky Resurrection Bay, and the characters of Caleb Zelic, Kat, and Caleb’s one-time partner, Frankie, who’s on the run, and for good reason. I am so looking forward to finding out what comes next!
  • THE GOLDEN TRESSES OF THE DEAD by Alan Bradley — Like I said, some of the books I’m looking forward to reading are not actually sequels, per se, but the next in the series, as with this one, following the illustrious career of Flavia de Luce—a 12 year-old sleuth. In this installment, Flavia is setting up her own detective agency with Dogger.
  • THE STRANGE DISAPPEARANCE OF A BOLLYWOOD STAR by Vaseem Khan — Here’s another one I soooo want to read. This is the third book in what is a really fun, almost tongue-in-cheek series following ex-Inspector Ashwin Chopra of the Mumbai police force and his baby elephant, Ganesh.
  • WE WERE KILLERS ONCE by Becky Masterman — Okay, another in a series, book 4, in fact, featuring retired ex-FBI agent, Brigid Quinn. Who’s once again caught up in another murder mystery, this one echoing down from a pair of convicted murderers executed in 1959. And a thread that’s just waiting for Quinn to unearth and unravel.

So there you have it, my 5 choices for sequels I really, and I mean, really want to read next! And you, what sequels, if any are you eagerly awaiting?


  1. I’ve not read any of these series but me thinks I need to go look into them now! I love the idea of a 12 year-old sleuth! And Flavia is such a great name 🙂

    • Alexandra says

      Oh, I do hope you give Flavia a chance, it’s such a fun, whimsical series, Christina. And includes lots of droll humour.

  2. I knew Chakraborty would be on your list! And have you noticed that three seem to have Indina/Asian authors?

    • Alexandra says

      Oh, she’s top of my list, Sophie. And she’s actually Anglo-American married to, I believe, a Bangladeshi and yes, Vaseem Khan is of Indian descent, via being born in London! 😉 Lots of international authors.

  3. I have not read any of the first books in these ): because.. I’m a slacker. I think I would love some of these and have copies off. I need to read my books faster

    • Alexandra says

      It’s difficult to keep up, I know, Lily. There are just only so many hours in the day, and we’d all love to be able to read every book we could. But there’s something to be said for slow reading and enjoying.

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  5. Ah, I’m so bad w series . Trying to not start any but that Emma Viskic one looks really good!
    I want to finish the DCI Douglas series before anything. Not sequel per se, I’m on book 6 out of 8

  6. Alexandra says

    Funny thing is, I didn’t know the Viskic book was a series, but the first book was so different (good) that I’ll get the next one. 😀 And it’s not that I intend to start series either, it just seems to happen. As with most of these mentioned.

  7. The title of this post made me laugh. I have SO MANY series and sequels that I have to catch up on…. It’s either laugh or give up reading…

    • Alexandra says

      Oh, I hear you, Lynne. So many books, so little time is a book bloggers mantra. Will we ever find enough time to read everything we want too? 😉

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