Top 5 Tuesday

Top 5 Tuesday: Fantasy eh, Bookish Facts

As we have already had a similar Top 5 Fantasy in which I listed my top 5 favourite YA & adult fantasy, I thought well, I’m going to talk about my Top 5 favourite Science Fiction reads and then, realised that we’d already covered that HERE and HERE.

I’ve also done my Top 5 Authors, done my Top 10 reads of all time, I’ve told you about my favourite Top 5 books covers and characters, plus what my favourite genres are. I think I’ve even shared my Top 5 Fav SF TV shows. So what else is there left to discover about my reading and viewing habits—well now, that would be telling wouldn’t it!

I could tell you about my serious popcorn addiction. No, I’m not kidding. I think I would live at the cinema just to eat popcorn while watching the screen flicker, doesn’t matter what movie is showing.

Or that I lived in a bed-sit at one time where a lot of my furniture was stacked books. Thankfully, I had a ‘real’ bed, otherwise I might never have gotten any sleep. You know, reading.

I could also mention I had (past tense) a serious comic addiction. It was so bad I nearly rented a 2 bedroom apartment just so I could ‘house’ my collection. Then I got offered a job in New York and moved half way across the planet and the collection was sold. I can still hear myself sobbing in the past!

Other useless bookish facts about me are, I still have my original, much-thumbed copy, of Frank Herbert’s DUNE!

See, you really wanted to know all that, right?


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  2. Me and my family have a similar popcorn addiction. There’s always at least 4 boxes of the microwave stuff in the cupboard, and a bag of theatre popcorn on the counter. Even the dog goes crazy for it!

    • Alexandra says

      Oh, you too, Shanah? I sometimes wonder if there’s something hidden they put on popcorn that gets us addicted? More sales, right! lol!

  3. Bwahahaha YOU are going rogue this week Alexandra while I’ve been the very good girl! It’s like we swapped personalities LOL

    • Alexandra says

      Yep! Thought I’d change it up a wee bit this week, Sophie! Ha! Ha!

  4. Oh, I’ve got the same popcorn/movie addiction!!!

    Your pain in selling the comic collection resonated so strongly with me! I’m a collector (not of comic books) and the idea of selling any of my stuff…noooooo😬

    • Alexandra says

      Oh, look at that, we’re kindred spirits, Jonetta. We can start a club. The popcorn chomping collectors club. 😉

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