Top 5 Tuesday

Top 5 Books I NEED to Read in 2019

Top 5 Tuesday is a weekly meme host by Shanah over at, Bionic Book Worm, and if you haven’t already been doing this one, you should—so what are you waiting for, come on already, join in!

I don’t know about the rest of the year, but I so want to read these five books as soon as I possibly can. Talk about anticipation—it’s almost dribbling down my chin!

#1. THE LOST MAN by Jane Harper — as if anyone visiting here didn’t already know this was one of my top 5 must reads of the year!

#2. THE KINGDOM OF COPPER by S. A. Chakraborty — The most anticipated follow up to the brilliant City Of Brass. I can’t wait to read this one and find out what’s next for the characters; especially Dara, since he was ah! Can’t tell you.

#3. SCYTHE by Neal Shusterman — Yes, yes, I know, everyone on the planet seems to have read this one, and raved about it. So it’s in my To-Read for Fantasy February!

#4. THE BEAR AND THE NIGHTINGALE by Katherine Arden — Again, everyone has said so many good things, that now, I so want to read the whole series, back-to-back! This is one for Fantasy February, when the snow is thick on the ground!

#5. TWISTED by Steve Cavanagh — Cavanagh is fast becoming my ‘go-to’ author for a great read, these days. Twisted will be book #5 in the Eddie Flynn series, and I am so looking forward to it coming out in March!

So what are your top 5 ‘Must Reads’ for 2019?


  1. Great list! Love seeing Scythe up there – I am literally giddy to see what you think! The Bear and the Nightingale are also on my list!!

    • Yeah, I just stopped by to comment on your post and grinned at us both liking certain books. And SCYTHE is in my Fantasy pile for February, along with Arden’s books. I’m also stoked about reading THE KINGDOM OF COPPER too. 😀

        • It’s the follow up to THE CITY OF BRASS, which was an excellent read, Christina! Read that one first. 😀

    • Hi, Joe, it really was a great read, but don’t take my word for it, go read it! 😀

    • Yeah, it’s had some great reviews, and it was Christina that put me onto this one.

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  3. Scythe and Lost Man, me too! <3
    I wanted to read Scythe last year, but of course it didn't happen. Classic.
    At least i have a good excuse for Lost Man, cuz it's not out yet, so there's still hope 😀

    • Ha! I knew you are waiting for THE LOST MAN too, Norrie, and SCYTHE as well? We’ll have to compare reviews when read. 😉

  4. I KNEW it!!! Kingdom of Copper just HAD to be on your list Alexandra LOL

    • Ha! Ha! I know, given how much noise I made about THE CITY OF BRASS, Sophie. It was inevitable I’d be hungry for the next book. Soon!

  5. The City of Brass is something I will be reading soon and hoping to get to Scythe this year too.

    You know how much I love Arden’s books. I’m really hoping you will enjoy them as well.

    Happy reading.

    • Well, I hope you love City of Brass too. And I’m excited about reading Arden’s trilogy in February, or at least, making a start.

  6. The Bear and The Nightingale was beautiful, and I can’t wait to read the next two in the series!

    • So I keep hearing. I’m so looking forward to reading it, as I love folklore and fairytales, and throw in that it’s set in Russia, and I’m so there.

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