Top 3 Thursday: Bookish Places I’d Love To Visit

Today I’m joining in with Christina over at Recipe and a Read doing Top 3 Thursday, a weekly meme hosted by A Cozy Reader, because this week is all about fictional places you’d want to visit. And who doesn’t want to visit HOGWARTS, right?

So I’m avoiding listing the Shire or Rivendell, as everyone will list those.

DISCWORLD: First up, I’d love to visit Terry Pratchett’s DISCWORLD and the city of Ankh-Morpork and BAD ASS, the home of Granny Weatherwax. I mean, come on, this is a huge continent sat atop four immense elephants, which in turn are sat atop the back of a space-faring turtle!

NARNIA/WONDERLAND: Next up, as a huge fan of the Narnia books as a kid, I always wanted to be able to sneak inside my parents cupboard and find a secret door into Narnia. Alas, that never happened, even though I continue to keep looking. I also wanted to fall down the Rabbit hole to join Alice in Wonderland, as a child. But could never find the exact place even though, again, I did a lot of searching. I think this was all part of my parent’s master plan, to send us kids out hunting these places, thereby getting our dose of fresh air, and exercise.

XANTH: I always wanted to visit Piers Anthony’s, Xanth, after reading A Spell for Chameleon, Ogre, Ogre, and Castle Roogna, books in his Xanth series. Funnily enough, this magical fantasy world looks remarkably like a fairytale version of Florida, but the beast and people you’re likely to meet are far removed—two dimensions over—from anything you’re likely to find in the actual state.

Honourable mentions go to: NEVERLAND from Peter Pan, and WAKANDA from Black Panther, the planet MAGRATHEA from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the HALLELUJAH MOUNTAINS from Avatar, and STARGATE ATLANTIS, and ASGARD from the Marvel Universe.

And you, what fictional places would you love to visit?


  1. Well Hogwarts for sure but also the Shadowhunter world! Maybe faery written by Holly Black too! But certainly since I finished an ARC of A Sorcery of Thorns today I wish I could visit that world where grimoires talk, snore and complain in the Great Libraries 😉 A book tha would speak to you! Imagine Alexandra!!!

    • Oh, like Hogwarts, there’s another library of books that have personalities? I would be so there, but wearing armour! Ha! Ha! But yes, the idea a book could ‘talk’ to us would be interesting, Sophie.

    • I did think about that chocolate factory too, Jennifer, but thought, like Hogwarts, everyone would choose it. So wanted a few more less likely places. But just think of allll that chocolate? Hmm…

  2. Love this list Alex! I’ve not actually read any of those! I’m sure I’ve been exposed to the Narnia books but I didn’t ever read them. Discworld and Xanth have been on my TBR forever!

    • Thanks, Christina. I was inspired after reading your post and thought about all the places I’d love to visit. But just 3? Gawd, there are so many.

      I hope you give Discworld and Xanth a chance. I loved The Colour of Magic from the Discworld series, and A Spell for Chameleon from Xanth. Two very different fantasy series.

  3. I really need to read Discworld series it just sounds fantastic

    • It’s hilariously funny, but it is a bit British in humour. I know a few people have said it’s not funny, but maybe they just don’t like Pratchett’s kind of fantasy. Personally, I love them.

    • Alexandra says

      Thanks, Jonetta. I think I must have been one of those kids who jumped first then thought about it afterwards. 😉

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  5. Alexandra says

    We would like to think so as it was an escape for children, Inge, and thanks!

  6. I love the whole narnia concept, i just think I’d be super cold
    Would love to visit the world of Dark Tower i think!

    • Alexandra says

      Actually, I think Narnia was only cold because of the Snow Queen, once she’s dead and out of the way, it warms up a bit! lol

      Oh, and the Dark Tower? Hmm… not read that one, so I couldn’t say.

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