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Today’s Aside

I’ve lost another 3 pounds in about a week. That brings the total to 28! I am so happy at least one thing seems to be going right. I plan on extra exercise once I hit that magical 30 pound mark. I’m looking at using the emergency stairwell as an exercise tool.

First week, walk up 1 flight a day. Following week, walk up 2. Third week walk up 3. Then. Follow that up with, jogging up 1, then 2, then 3.

Well, you get the picture. I’ll report on the progress.


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It’s one of those weird silver linings of being housebound, the determination to make sure I don’t get depressed, sit on the couch, and food binge. I’m making the effort and seeing it pay off makes me more determined. And I’m hoping my knees will hold up on the stair exercise. Otherwise I might have to get even more creative! 😆

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