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To Repair, or not to Repair

That is the BIG question!

Our cooker is slowly breaking down, a heating ring here, a heating ring there. We’ve had it since 2006, but still, I expect these kind of ‘white’ goods to last. I shouldn’t be surprised, it is, as they say, only a matter of time. And this coming now, is almost funny given we just watched a CBC Marketplace programme, last week, about this very same thing.

Appliances breakdown. Ours, however, has lived well beyond that of the people featured on the show in that their dish washers—arriving broken—their expensive $1600 fridges—breaking down 3 to 5 years after purchase, and stoves that occasionally worked on a day without a ‘Y’ in it, made you believe that appliances made today, are next to useless.

While it is true these people had genuine gripes, and I don’t blame them, as it seems fixing them would cost almost as much as these high priced ticket items. That is, if they could get the parts to begin with. We in contrast have had a good run with our faithful Kenmore stove, which, by the way, in the programme’s online survey, came out top for being the worst company for product reliability and repairability. Our stove has lasted almost 15 years.

Now two of the heating elements, within days of watching this programme (coincidence anyone?) have stopped working. Leaving us with one smaller ring and one double ring still working. The oven itself, by the way, is fine at the moment. If that had gone then I would seriously be considering just going around the various stores looking at a replacement. But, as it is, do I try to have these two rings fixed? And just how much, given what we saw on the TV show, will it cost?

The biggest costs, as always, was the service engineer’s fees, not so much the parts, which run into hundreds of dollars. It’s eye watering what they charge for a single element, and this is before we check to see if anyone can service the stove, in our area.

Ah, the joys of being a grown up and a homeowner.

Adulting, anyone?

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Ha! Ha! Very funny, Sophie. I think I too would rather not have to adult either, but some days you just have too! 😀

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