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The Sunday Post: Day #38

A Day of Thanksgiving

Today I want to write a post of thanks to all that is right in my life, and the world right now.

I am so thankful for my partner, and their continued understanding and support, without which, I feel like I would be floundering.

I am forever thankful for all the many who continue to go into work, from grocery clerks to delivery personnel, to sanitation workers, medical staff, and all emergency and health staff and services, for whom we will always and forever be in debt too.

To all those doing essential services in support of all the above, and so many more we don’t know about, you have my heartfelt and sincere thanks.

And to each and everyone of of those who have come into my life these last few years, my online acquaintances and new friends I’ve made, you all make me a better version of me with your kind thoughtful words, your humour, and strength of character during this time. From supporting each other, online, as well as your friends and family. You are all quiet heroes in my book!

I cannot begin to thank everyone who has been there, and who continues to be there. Susan, Mark, you are always in my thoughts. And yes, to all my online family. I think of you every day that we face this pandemic together and hope that we all come out of this stronger, wiser, and able to build a better, kinder world for all.

Stay safe out there, and where ever you are, take care of you and your loved ones.


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I wrote and posted this before we found out, late yesterday of the tragic events that unfolded throughout the day, in Nova Scotia. Indeed, we have so very much to be thankful for in these terrible times. Hug your loved ones, close, Sophie.

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