The Start of Fantasy February

Yeah, today is the first day of my Fantasy February read and I’m sure you’re all wondering what book I’m going to kick off my fantastical journey with. It was a toss up between two books for, oh, about five minutes and then I shook my head and new exactly which book was up first.

Well, of course it has to be, THE KINGDOM OF COPPER!

I’ve been wanting to read this one from the minute I finished reading The City Of Brass like every other fan on the planet. And now? I can spend the next 3 days sucking up every last damn word and finally find out what’s been happening with Nahri, Ali, and Dara. Chakraborty left us on a cliffhanger of an ending in book one and, given this is a trilogy, I’m expecting another at the end of this one too.

Which is, in part, why I’ve also been avoiding social media and any number of websites so I wouldn’t read a tweet, review, or spoiler. But, oh boy can I tell you that last night I nearly cracked open the spine, you know, just to peek. And then, caught myself before I ruined my own surprise. Doh!

I haven’t felt this much anticipation since, well, the Harry Potter crazy. Ha! Ha!

Wish me luck, as if I need that. I just hope I don’t need a huge box of Kleenex. But just in case, I have one at the ready. I’ve even told the Other Half I ain’t going anywhere this weekend, even if it’s raining diamond.

See you all Monday, have a great weekend, I’m off on my flying carpet.

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  1. February 2, 2019

    Good luck Alexandra! It seems to me that this one is like The Wicked King was for me!

    • February 3, 2019

      I finished it, Sophie. I finished it in record time and … it was BRILLIANT! More on Monday. 😀

  2. February 2, 2019

    Oooh, i hope the book is worth the wait! <3 🙂

    I bought a book recently that i think would fit the fantasy them of this month. I may even read it. It's called Firelight and it's supposed to be a mix of steampunk and paranormal fantasy…
    I don't think i have anything else for the topic… Maybe Raven Boys.

    • Alexandra
      February 2, 2019

      I’m just over half way through, Norrie, and yes, it was def worth the wait! ☺️

      I’m not too familiar with fantasy these days, another reason to try read some this month. I’ll look that one up.

  3. February 1, 2019

    AAAAAAAAH – Fantasy February AND Kingdom of Copper! I’ll be lurking here in the background waiting for you to finish so we can swap thoughts 😀

    • February 1, 2019

      Oh, you better believe it. If any book could be better than the first in a series then this is it, imyril. It’s outstanding. And yeah, check in on Monday as I might have a review done by then, at the pace I’m reading. 😀

  4. YAHHH Fantasy February! So excited to see what you think about all the books! Happy reading 🙂

    • February 1, 2019

      I know this is hard to believe, but I’ve read over 100+ pages already since breakfast, and I had to go do the grocery shopping in between. Ha! Ha!

      And you know what? IT’S BRILLIANT!

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