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The Name Game

So, while Houston is in the Apple computer shop being assessed and, hopefully, fingers and toes crossed, repaired or, at the very least, given a new heart (HD). Vera suggested I throw it open to readers to suggest a name for our newest member of House Wolfe, that is, for our shiny new iMac. We’ve been so busy trying to back-up Houston’s data, and then, make sure the new iMac was up and running, that we hadn’t really thought about a name for Him/Her/It.

I’m leaning towards Shiny being Female, just because, and well, because she’s shiny! 

But what do you think? Any ideas for a name, and do you name your things/computer?

Personally, I’m a nerd, and name everything, including my plants. 

So, suggestions on a postcard by … no, wait, make that suggestions in the comments please, and I’ll pick one at random, if I get enough suggestions that is! 😀


    • Alexandra says

      Lol! Now, that’s what I’m taking about – inventive, and catchy at the same time. 😉

  1. How about Rieka – meaning : A woman who has the power of the wolf, or a woman who holds the power of home. I like both meanings but appreciate the latter one as computers have so much power these days… it’s my inner fantasy nerd geeking out he he.

    Hope your Houston still gets fixed though, fingers crossed you hear some good (and affordable) news. x

    • Alexandra says

      Oh, oh I really like that name, how unusual and yes, how apt as well! Lol That’s definitely in the running, Vera, thanks! And anyway, I’ve now just learnt a new word. ☺️

  2. Haha, i don’t usually name things. I bought an echo dot, and it still creeps me out that i have to call it Alexa :/

    I think I’d go with Ada for a name. After Ada Lovelace 😀

    • Alexandra says

      Oh, now why didn’t I think of Ada, especially as she’s a personal hero of mine. That’s definitely going in the hat!

      Ha! Ha! I don’t think I’ll ever buy a dot echo as it would be like talking to myself. *snort* Yeah, way too creepy if you ask me.

  3. I don’t want to start naming inanimate objects because I already have a big problem throwing away things as it is, if I name them it would make it even harder :-):-). I do name animals (there was a bat that came flying in the evenings and every time I see a hedgehog I call it Theo). I don’t know about a name.. I’d pick a city that sounds female (as opposed to Houston) but I don’t know what.. London perhaps? Or Melanie (I was thinking Milan)? Oh a colleague of mine just gave birth to a baby girl and called it Alixe but that sounds maybe a bit too much as if you’d be swearing at yourself ;-)?

    • Alexandra says

      I have that problem whether or not I name something anyway, Inge. I’m hopeless at doing clear outs and then, when I do, I go all Japanese … I go overboard. ☺️

      Thankfully, I don’t talk to everything I name, though I have been known to swear at the TV once or twice, but, as we all know, that’s to do with dumb people being interviewed who say stupid things! Ha! Ha!

      I do like Milan, though, and I’m putting that one in the hat. Thanks, Sweetie.

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