THE BURN has arrived!

A big BIG thank you to the wonderful Kathleen Kent for a review copy of THE BURN, book 2 in her Detective Betty series of crime novels.

Many of you will know Kent for her historical novels, the award-winning HERETIC’S DAUGHTER and the equally successful follow up, THE TRAITOR’S WIFE. But I am so glad Kent decided to turn to a ‘life of crime,‘ bringing us the tough as nails Betty Rhyzyk, a Brooklyn born and bred cop, transplanted to Dallas.

I’m really excited to be able to read and review THE BURN and catch up with what Betty, and the crew of dedicated cops she works with, get up to next.

Oh, and here’s a bonus for you all, a trailer for THE DIME giving us a glimpse of what the TV series might have looked like had FOX not been bought out by Disney.

Who knows, maybe further down the line, Betty will have her day on the small screen. This reader certainly hopes so.

For more, check out my review of THE DIME and my Author Spotlight on THE BURN.


    • Alexandra says

      Oh, you bet, Jonetta! I think it’s going to get me out of my reading slump. I read a huge chunk last night, and hopefully, will finish the rest tonight. 😀

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