The 5 W’s Book #Tag

As I am at sorts today, and didn’t have a post ready, I thought I would steal this Tag from Shanah the amazing Bionic Book Worm, and why not!

WHO — Name an author you would love to have a ‘One to One’ with.

It would have to be Louise Penny. I was lucky enough to see her at a book signing last year, here locally. And got my obligatory 3 seconds with her as she wrote me a personal message in the book I was buying: GLASS HOUSES. But I would love to sit down with her and do a full-on interview at length, over coffee and cakes at the Bistro.

WHAT — What genre do you most gravitate to?

It use to be always science fiction but then, over the last couple of years, I turned to a life of crime crime fiction reading, that is. I love me a good mystery, police procedural, or a good spy thriller these days. The Cold War is definitely not over, yet!

WHERE — Where do you prefer to read?

Anywhere. But as a preference, I guess I would have to go with the couch in the lounge, for comfort’s sake. You know, with the blankie and a cup of Earl Grey, hot.

WHEN — What time of day do you prefer to read?

As above, my answer would have to be, anytime. Anytime I can squeeze in a few minutes, especially when reading a really good book. I don’t want to be away from it for any length of time. And yes, I read on the porcelain throne (don’t you?)

WHY — Why is your favourite book your favourite book?

Eh, maybe as a child or teenager, I had one book I would call my fav—at the time. But now, I would say any book with well-conceived characters, well-written snappy dialogue, and a clever plot. I want to be amazed, wowed and wooed! I know, I don’t ask a lot do I?

BONUS — How do you go about selecting what you will read next?

Gee, really? By tarot cards, at midnight, under a Gibbous moon, having sacrificed my lunch on an altar made of polished pebbles from a beach off the coast of Goa, while dress as a Goth, with black-eye make-up, smelling of hibiscus flower water collected at dawn’s first light, from an island in the Caribbean in a conch seashell handed down from mother to daughter what, no, seriously wait where are you going, there’s more.

Dang, I wasn’t finished … consider yourself tagged.

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  1. December 8, 2018

    Ha ha, reading on the porcelain throne is certainly something I would not exclude either, especially if I’m heavily involved in a book…

    Tarot is always a possibility, so are tea leaves and other methods he he. Fun tag Alexa!

    • Alexandra
      December 8, 2018

      Heh! Heh! we’re all guilty as charged, right? When you need to go, but will be damn if you’re going to stop reading the exciting bit in the story!

      Oh, yes, tea leaves. There’s another choice, good one. ☺️

  2. December 8, 2018

    Bwahahaha tarot cards and a life of crime, really? Not bad at all for someone not really inspired that day Alexandra!

    • Alexandra
      December 8, 2018

      I was trying to spice up a rather annoying day, Sophie, by amusing myself creatively. I think I succeeded. Ha! Ha!

  3. December 7, 2018

    Earl grey, hot, love it
    I try to read in the living room, but there’s always a lot of distraction

    Maybe i should give tarot a go… cuz dunno what to read next.

    • Alexandra
      December 7, 2018

      Ha! Ha! You got the reference then? 😉

      Yeah, I can read in the lounge only because the other half games in another room. Perfection, right? No TV blaring!

      Tarot, Ouije board, spin the wheel, who knows.

      • December 8, 2018

        Picard fan here 😀

        I used to ask my BF to pick me a book to read. I think i did this 3 or 4 times and every time ended up DNFing the book. So he’s now out of the game… 😀

        • December 9, 2018

          Ah! Of course, a SF fan is also usually a Star Wars and or Star Trek fan, or both. 😀

          Oh, no, asking Significant Others and BFFs can end a relationship when it comes to books. I know me and mine are at opposite ends of the spectrum and there’s no way I’d take a recommendation from someone who thinks Star Wars and LotR are literature! *snort*

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