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Book Review: The Dark Lake

DETAILS Title: THE DARK LAKE Author: Sarah Bailey Publisher: Grand Central Publishing ISBN: 9781538759929 Genre: Mystery | Suspense BACK COVER BLURB The lead homicide investigator in a rural town, Detective Sergeant Gemma Woodstock is deeply unnerved when a high school classmate is found strangled, her body floating in a lake. And not just any classmate, but Rosalind Ryan, whose beauty and inscrutability exerted a magnetic pull on Smithson High School, first during Rosalind’s student years and then again when she returned to teach drama. As much as Rosalind’s life was a mystery to Gemma when they were students together, her death presents even more of a puzzle. What made Rosalind quit her teaching job in Sydney and return to her hometown? Why did she live in a small, run-down apartment when her father was one of the town’s richest men? And despite her many admirers, did anyone in the town truly know her? Rosalind’s enigmas frustrate and obsess Gemma, who has her own dangerous secrets—an affair with her colleague and past tragedies that may not …

My April Reading Plan

Yes, there’s a plan. There’s always a plan. But sometimes, the plan doesn’t always work out, and then? You need a Plan B. Doesn’t everyone have a plan B? And … eh, where was I going with this? Oh, yeah, the books I’m planning on reading in April, since March was such a bust. My books from Indigo arrived yesterday and, when I took them out to look at the covers, I discovered they all feature water. Either the sea or a lake, and all stormy looking … hmm! Anyway, here’s my proposed list having already finished THE LIAR: KINGDOM OF THE BLIND by Louise Penny THE GOLDEN TRESSES OF THE DEAD by Alan Bradley US AGAINST YOU by Fredrik Backman RESURRECTION BAY by Emma Viskic THE DARK LAKE by Sarah Bailey SALT TO THE SEA by Ruta Sepetys TWISTED by Steve Cavanagh And you, what reading, if anything, do you have planned, or will you just wing it?

Book Haul Happiness

After reading the wonderful review of SALT TO THE SEA by Sophie, yesterday—who gave this one a whopping 6 STARS. I decided to go put this one on my to buy list, and, while at Chapters Indigo, saw that they were offering the hardback for just $6. I mean, come on. SIX BUCKS? So, of course, I ordered it … Along with two other books because, you know, one lone book doesn’t qualify for free shipping. So swooning over my wish list, came up with two other suitable titles. And now, I have three books on the way. SALT TO THE SEA by Ruta Sepetys RESURRECTION BAY by Emma Viskic THE DARK LAKE by Sarah Bailey Oh boy, have I got some great books to read over the coming weeks. What with the four I still have on the coffee table, plus these, I think I’m set for a few weeks of decent reading. At least, that’s the plan. The Dark Lake and Resurrection Bay are both by Australian authors, who I’m on a roll …