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Day #100

It’s official. I have been in self isolation—quarantine/lockdown/seclusion—for ONE HUNDRED DAYS!

The time is actually longer, as the last time we were out, was Saturday, March 7th, for my birthday lunch at the Cachon Dingue restaurant. Where I remember having the most delicious eggs bene with home cured/baked ham and pan-fried potatoes and onion. And free drinks: a Shirley Temple. I felt like a kid again, a princess.

Five days later, on my actual birthday, Thursday, March 12th, our province and, in fact, the whole of Canada, went into lockdown mode. Everyone was told to stay home, where possible, and hunker down for the duration. Humanity’s greatest menace, to date, was on the loose, and tens of hundreds (at the time) were losing their lives.

Although we now know this could end up being worse than the influenza outbreak of WWI. As hundreds of thousands are now dead, world wide, and millions are infected with corona virus. And still, despite some people’s best efforts, the scourge is not totally in check. Even in the best intentioned countries, like New Zealand, when attention waned, and people became complacent about enforcing the mandatory 14 day quarantine for two ladies visiting from London, to see a dying relative (which no doubt swayed someone to do something stupid) these two ladies were let out of quarantine, early, and without being tested.

And we all know how that ended. It ended NZ having rid their shores of COVID-19 by reintroducing it to the country. And now, no one knows just how many might have been infected by these two women driving 400km (800km round trip). They are, in effect, back to square one.

Meanwhile, here, the numbers have not flattened, the curve has not been maintained, and mostly the elderly are still the worse hit by this insidious disease. We are, in effect, the leaders at something … and as a province you would think we would be ashamed of this milestone, but no. I see it from my balcony every day. People outside in the little park adjacent to our buildings, all without masks on, socialising without a care in the world, like they think they’re all immune to dying.

So ask me now, if I am willing to go another 100 days staying inside, in the confines of my apartment. And I’ll tell you, YES! Yes, I am, and yes, I will, if it means waiting it out till we either have a vaccine or people start listening to the experts warning against wilful, selfish behaviour and understand the ramifications of their actions.

No, this is not AIDS. We all know AIDS has no vaccine either, but unlike AIDS, a sexually transmitted disease, COVID-19 doesn’t need people to kiss, swap bodily fluids, or, have sex. It’s in the air you breathe in close proximity to other who is not wearing a mask, and in the cough and sneeze you cannot be bothered to catch in your elbow. And it’s as deadly as Ebola on a good day for far too many people with compromised immune systems.

Just ask someone who’s survived a mild case and they’ll tell you, it’s like living through hell.

So once again, let me tell you, yes, I’m willing to go the distances, for as long as it takes. I have infinite patience when it comes to waiting this out, I just wish others did as well.

100 DAYS and counting!