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Geeking Out!

I don’t often treat myself to much, other than buying books that is. And given how much a month I spend on books, that’s probably my version of buying a pair of Manolo Blahnik every month! I’m also not big on buying online, as I have trust issues. Especially with certain companies like Etsy, having been burned a couple of times. But I discovered Red Bubble and, so far so good. I order an iPhone 7 case from the amazing artist Myka Blacke, which I am now the proud owner of—it’s outstanding and so unique. I wholeheartedly recommend his work! This image really sums me up in a nutshell … well, okay, in a picture.

WordPress 5 and Gutenberg

They make it sounds astounding, a new fangled invention that will revolutionize our blogging experience, like, wow, they just re-invented the wheel … and made it SQUARE! So that now, no one can use—let alone WANTS to use—Gutenberg. It’s chunky, clunky, clumsy and unintuitive. And after years of everyone using what is now laughingly referred to as the Classic Editor, we’re expected to switch from an editor that works perfectly, to something that leaves everyone sobbing with frustration. The only people who think Gutenberg a good idea are those venerable closeted folk at WordPress, with (apparently) nothing better to do than constantly tweak, change, and frustrate the rest of us … because they can. Like the idiots who go clime Mount Everest because … because it’s there. So why am I mumbling on about WordPress and Gutenberg? Because I’ve read so many posts this December of horror stories from unprepared bloggers whose websites upgraded automatically to Gutenberg, and found themselves floundering in a vortex of doom. No one in their right mind wants to spend …

The Name Game

So, while Houston is in the Apple computer shop being assessed and, hopefully, fingers and toes crossed, repaired or, at the very least, given a new heart (HD). Vera suggested I throw it open to readers to suggest a name for our newest member of House Wolfe, that is, for our shiny new iMac. We’ve been so busy trying to back-up Houston’s data, and then, make sure the new iMac was up and running, that we hadn’t really thought about a name for Him/Her/It. I’m leaning towards Shiny being Female, just because, and well, because she’s shiny!  But what do you think? Any ideas for a name, and do you name your things/computer? Personally, I’m a nerd, and name everything, including my plants.  So, suggestions on a postcard by … no, wait, make that suggestions in the comments please, and I’ll pick one at random, if I get enough suggestions that is! 😀