The ‘Mighty’ Book Haul

What started on twitter when I stumble across a couple of new writers—Vivien Chen and Suleikha Snyder—and followed them, then became a hunt for their work online, obviously, to buy. And then? I went kind of crazy. I blame it on lockdown, lockup, locked-in, and having a credit card burning a hole in my purse…. Continue reading

Let’s Talk About: Threading the Labyrinth by Tiffani Angus

About the Author Tiffani Angus is Senior Lecturer in Publishing and the Course Leader for the MA Creative Writing at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK. An author of fantasy, horror, historical fiction, erotica, and SF (especially time travel) short stories. A scholar- fan, active in the SFF community and at conventions. About the Book A… Continue reading

Day #89: Book Cover Reveal

I do so love book cover reveals to new and up coming releases from my favourite authors. And June Hur, author of THE SILENCE OF BONES, has a new book coming out in April, 2021. THE FOREST OF THE MISSING GIRLS, which, once again, sounds like another formidable read. Set once more in the Joseon… Continue reading