Random Thoughts

Sunshine Saturday – Day #23

And I’m taking a break from thinking about anything beyond, what’s to eat, shall I read something, or binge watch TV? And, wow, look, it’s EIGHT whole degrees outside! Spring is finally melting the snow, and any minute, we’re expecting flowers to pop up, and our very own ground hog to amble out of the privacy hedge—or wherever it is he hides—and give the squirrels a hard time rooting for buried nuts.

By the way, what do ground hogs eat? Must Google that.

So breakfast was a huge, fluffy baked Dutch Baby Pancake, check it online, you are going to want to make one of these babies, let me tell you. It was easy to make, and oh so delicious to eat, especially with warmed through blueberries.

Follow up breakfast with a home made latte, of sorts, and Alex was one very happy bunny lounging on the couch. What? How did I make my latte? Plain old instant Nescafe, fill cup only half way with boiling water, and then, using Nespresso frothing machine, make some heated milk/foam, and pour over the top of said coffee.

Who needs Tim Hortons or Starbucks, Chez Alex is open for business.

Lunch was just as tasty… what, you see a pattern emerging here, my post today is…what, all about food? Damn right! Gotta have one day off a week. And what? Oh, lunch, yes, a toasted sesame bagel and triple creme imported French brie that was sublime.

Can’t wait for dinner later, sausage, cheese and omelette wraps and French fries. But of course, as I’m the Chef du Jour, it will taste like heaven!

And you? How’s you Saturday going?

Remember, stay home, stay safe, and create your own little moments of happiness.