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Stone • Cold • Dead!

I have another WIP and another excerpt chapter to tease you with. Stone Cold Dead is a military-based action thriller that opens with a fire-fight about to go down in Iraq, involving a number of clandestine alphabet agencies. And, as the bullets fly, everyone’s first reaction is to shoot first, and ask questions afterwards.

CIA Agent, Karen Stone, crouched down in the tight confines behind the huge boulder leaning in against the solid safety listening to the Special Forces team leader, Sergeant Johnny ‘Jack’ Daniels, whisper instructions to the rest of the group. Simmons spread out the tactical data across his knees as others peered in over shoulders, scanning the topography on the aerial and hi-res shots.

Stone wasn’t a part of their team. Just an observer. An unofficial, official observer. She had supplied the Intel and, as such, had come along for the ride, which was the official line— confirm the kill for the Agency. That was the supposition. At least, as far as the craggy-faced Sergeant Daniels was concerned. But she had her orders, other orders, outside of Daniels’ mandate. If these guys couldn’t bring Abu Musab al-Zarqawi down, then she had to. It was up to her to pull the trigger and make the kill.

So, grab a brew, pop on over to my writing blog and have a read. And if you are up for it, please, leave a comment or two about what you thought, thanks!


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