Spring Flowers

If you would like a break from reading reviews, book memes, or book related posts … go look at some spring flowers, cup of coffee in hand, and enjoy a moment in the park.

No, these are not left over rockets from WWII Germany, they’re flower planters in the vegetable garden. Now go, look at the pretty flowers!


    • Alexandra says

      Most of it’s finally gone, Norrie. But this has been a really long winter. It’s May 1 and places are still getting freezing rain and snow.

      I bet London is in full bloom right about now. 😀

      • Sort of! I mean it’s still cold (for me anyway) but at least it looks pretty 😀

        • Alexandra says

          London is never cold, and if you think it’s cold, oh dear, you would never survive here! lol

  1. This has indeed been a very long winter! When we booked our trip to Europe in December last year, we were told that it should be Spring in mid March! It was still snowing in Germany when we were there. Brrrrrrrrr!

    Happy Thursday, Alex!

    • Alexandra says

      Oh, that’s bad, Veronica. I lived in Germany and normally, the spring flowers would be in coming up, even in March.

      And have a great weekend, Sweetie!

  2. Love the flowers. It’s spring here and I also grow some flowers. I love looking at them.

    • Alexandra says

      Thanks, Jasmine, this splash of colour was very welcome, let me tell you. And lucky you if you are growing flowers around about now. We have a few more weeks before we can start planting here. We’re still getting frost warnings … in MAY!

      • Well you are in Canada.. hehe I know it’s cold there. I have been to Toronto Niagra Falls a few times. I also went to Montreal once. I went during summer though 🙂

        • Alexandra says

          Not just Canada, Jasmine, the Frozen North. Ha! Ha! But seriously, there are two seasons here, winter and July! 😉

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