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Sharing Some Linky Love

Okay, because I’m at home today, and I don’t really have a blog post of my own, and I’ve been playing catchup with everyone else’s blog posts, I thought to do a link round up of all my favourite reads. So, here goes—please take a moment to check out these great blogs:

So if you are stuck for something to read, grab a brew and go makes some new friends.


    • Alexandra says

      You’re welcome, Inge. And I’m happy to have found them as well. Always a great read or discussion to be had!

  1. Oh, love this post Alex, sharing is caring and I really appreciate you spreading blog love. ❤️ Thanks for thinking of me.

    I’m desperately behind catching up with others blogs but I am slowly but surely reading what others have been up to. Looking forward to reading all those posts you mentioned shortly.

    • You are more than welcome, Vera. It’s all part of creating a blogging community, we help support one another.

      Have fun reading those posts and so many more.

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