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SciFiMonth Update

Despite my best intentions, and selecting 5 really good books from my TBR pile to read for the SciFiMonth Challenge. I’ve failed, so far, to read any of them. It’s like having selected them, and done a post about how enthusiastic I was about my choices, I lost interest in all of them. 

That said, however, I did pick up ORPHAN BRIGADE by Henry O’Neil, last night, and began reading it. I think I just needed to choose one and get started. And, as Orphan Brigade is the second in the SIM WAR series—and I’ve already read and reviewed GLORY MAIN—this was probably the best book to start with. It picks up straight after where book one left off, and does so with intrigue. Setting up a series of new characters and threads.

I can see this one being more murky and political given what I’ve read so far. But these first few chapters also hint at what’s to come, a lot more action and adventure for our main protagonist, Lt. Jander Mortas, as he and his new platoon are dropped right in the shit!

Stand by, all hailing frequencies open …


  1. Hahahaha Alexandra I am happy that I am not the only one whose enthusiasm is fizzling out once the time is coming! I have bought countless books or made countless TBR with gusto but a few days/weeks/months later was not in the mood anymore.

    • Alexandra says

      It’s good to know we all do the same thing. I picked out these books I have yet to read and thought that SciFiMonth was a good enough reason to get around to them … And then, start reading something else entirely! Lol

  2. It happens to me all the time as well! This is why i kinda stopped making lists because i usually change my mind about what to read next about 20 times 😀

    It’s good that his one started out well 🙂

    • Alexandra says

      Oh, I still make the lists, that will never go away, but the older I get the less I read and or pay attention to them. I really have become more of a mood reader these days. And I suppose there is nothing wring with that.

      Yeah, this is military SF, space opera, so loads of political intrigue and shoot the aliens kind of thing. I just needed something with some action in it!

  3. I relate to your list too well, I also tend to get excited about books, tell everyone about them… and then I usually get distracted by something else and complete forget about that…

    I like to say lists are for inspiration… not necessary for action! 🙂

    Glad you are enjoying Orphan Brigade. 🙂

    • Alexandra says

      Like you, Vera, I’ve come to view my lists as suggestions and inspiration because I’m so easily swayed, these days, and end up reading and or buying on impulse. Especially if my local store hasn’t got a copy in of a book I’m looking for. I never order, because I tell myself I don’t want to wait.

      On the other hand, I have lots of pretty lists! 😉

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