Rereading Favourites — The Top 5 Books I want To Read Again

Following on from Norrie over at, Reading Under The Blankie, I thought to take a look at five books I continue to reread if not once a year, at least on a fairly regular basis. Books that may have spoken to me, for one reason or another, at the time. Books that even now, still resonate with me long after that initial read. And though years have come and gone, I still feel a tug of nostalgia to re-visit these worlds, and these characters.

Although I read any number of thrillers and crime or mystery novels now. That wasn’t always the case. Up until my mid 30s, I was a huge SF fan, and consumed an almost exclusive diet of speculative fiction. Then, the authors I loved and knew fell by the wayside, not being published anymore, or they had moved genre, or, quite simply, had died. And the new clutch coming in behind them? Just didn’t hit the right notes, or buttons.

I moved genres. It happens.

Top 5 Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Shanah @Bionic Bookworm. The topic of for this week is Top 5 Books I Want To Reread. So, without further ado and, in no particular order, here are my picks:

GLORY ROAD — Robert A. Heinlein (Putnam, 1963)

Of all the Heinlein books I read over the years, and I’ve read them all. This one always stood out for me as being the kind of SF adventure I always wanted to be a part of. I think this was a transition novel for me, going from reading his juveniles to his more adult works, at the time. And maybe that’s another reason why I enjoyed it so much, it was just a fun adventure story, set in space. I still have my original, well-worn, and well-read copy.

SERPENT’S REACH — C. J. Cherryh (DAW Books, 1980)

A relatively new author back then, C. J. Cherryh is one of science fiction’s most prolific authors, writing SF and fantasy alike, with a number of long-running series to her name. But this seemingly simple, stand-alone story about a young woman (Raen a Sul hant Meth-maren), was the one that made me a life-long fan of her work, and writing. And yes, I still have my original copy of this book too!

HERETIC’S OF DUNE / CHAPTERHOUSE DUNE — Frank Herbert (Putnam, 1984 / 1985)

These two are, by far, the two best books in the series! While I had read Dune when it first came out, I found it hard going (at the time) and never read either follow-up, Dune Messiah or Children of Dune, and certainly don’t feel like I missed out on anything. But, when Heretic’s of Dune was published, I grabbed a copy and was instantly sucked back in to the machinations. And hence, when it too was published, I grabbed a copy of Chapter House Dune. I re-read these two books maybe every other year. And always wished Herbert had lived long enough to do his follow-up to Chapter House.

BABYLON 5 BOOK #2: ACCUSATIONS — Lois Tilton (DELL, 1995)

As a huge fan of the TV series it was only natural that as soon as they started publishing the books, I was there. I bought the first three that came out, but of those three, and no, I don’t remember the titles for books #1 or #3, only Lois Tilton’s Accusations really did it for me. In part, I think, not only was it the excellent writing by Tilton, but also her characterisation of Ambassador G’Kar. She absolutely nailed him in the book, so much so, you almost felt like this was a forgotten script for the series.

And so, those are just five books I still have original copies of, and still continue to reread and, who knows, will continue to do so for a time to come. And you?

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  2. July 17, 2018

    Welcome to top 5 Tuesday! I haven’t read any of the books on your list – but if they’re good enough to reread they might be worth looking into!
    Thanks for participating – added you to the list 🙂

    • Alexandra
      July 17, 2018

      Thanks for the add, and it’s always fun to participate and read what others enjoy enough to keep rereading.

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