Reading Slump

After such a great start to the year, reading 8 books in January and then, 7 books in February, I seem to have hit a brick wall. Or something. I’m in a sump.

I’ve only finished two books this month, and one of those wasn’t that great a read—FORTY WORDS FOR SORROW. I had hoped the next book, A LIFE TO KILL, would be a much better read and, it was. Up until a point. I was getting absorbed into the story and then? It moved elsewhere and, basically, changed focus. One minute we’re in Afghanistan with British soldiers on patrol, and all hell is breaking loose and then the focus shifted to the platoon’s base camp back in the UK and the families waiting for their loved one’s return.

It was a little jarring, so much so that I didn’t pick the book up for a couple of days and then? I’d lost interest. I tried reading the next chapter but all I wanted to know was what happened to the soldiers. Frustrated. I set the book aside (to go back to at a later date) and picked up STAR OF THE NORTH.

This one faired better, and after something of a slow, and somewhat predictable start, I slowly got absorbed into the three, intertwining stories, and was almost three quarters of the way through when, yes, you guessed it. I hit that dang brick wall again!

Damn thing keeps popping up like a road block.

Then? I had a week from hell and didn’t read anything—I was definitely not ‘in‘ the mood.

So, do I try again to finish STAR OF THE NORTH—even though, in my head, I’ve already written the ending—or do I pick up another book, and start afresh? I’m thinking Eddie Flynn and THE LIAR by Steve Cavanagh.

What do you do when you’re in a slump?

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  1. March 23, 2019

    Eh, book slumps. When I hit that point I tend to either pick up a comforting reread or become absolutely ruthless and give a book a chapter at most to grab my attention (and shamelessly put it back on the TBR pile if it doesn’t). I’ve stopped making myself persevere with a book once I realised I’m finding things to do other than read it!

    • March 24, 2019

      I think we all hit a slump, now and again, and you’re right, a reread is always a good option. This time, I’ve decided to just shelve the unfinished books, and take a break. Maybe I’ll come back to them, maybe I won’t. But I’m not putting any pressure on myself to read.

  2. Cleanse your palate…pick up something you KNOW will be a great reading experience. Then, reevaluate the other books.

    • March 20, 2019

      Ooo, I like how you phrase it, Jonetta. Yeah, maybe that’s just what I need right now. A familiar author to help cleanse my palate.

  3. March 20, 2019

    Well I have never really been in a slump. To avoid said slump I switch genres often. Yes yes I know there is always a romantic element ( not in my audiobooks so far) but I go from YA to adult. From contemporary to PNR. From dark to light etc. I’d say either re read an old favorite, either take a break and sleep (tiredness or depression can make us see everything under a dull lamp) or change genre and try something new maybe? You know I have tons of rec LOL
    Not to shock you with romance (let’s not get carried away) you could try Becoming by Michelle Obama?

    • March 20, 2019

      Well, I guess this last week didn’t help. And it was my birthday week too. Another year older and all that sh*t. I’m washed out and feeling like I could sleep for a month.

      So maybe I should skip books and authors I’m not familiar with and yeah, either grab a book by a fav author. Or try a new genre altogether. Maybe I’ll read and out and out romance. No, don’t look at me like that. Ha! Ha! I just might. And I do have Michelle Obama’s book on my wish list. Maybe I need inspiration, as you say, Sophie. I bow to your wisdom. 😉

  4. I’d suggest just doing something else than reading, maybe a week just wasn’t enough. I’m much more like Norrie, I enjoy but god I still haven’t started the review I want to publish this weekend. I know I can just leave it and not post anything but that will bother me too though. We’ll see if inspiration hits me :-). I hope you’ll get out of your reading slump soon!

    • March 20, 2019

      Oh, you two, Inge? I think maybe we’re all reading the wrong books, or maybe it’s the winter blues we’re all suffering from. And we’re just not in the mood to write reviews. Sometime they just write themselves, especially if you’ve really enjoyed a book. Other times, it’s like pulling teeth.

      Maybe we should shelve not doing reviews as much as shelving dull books that aren’t doing it for us, Inge. And we should just post about things that make us happy! 😀

  5. March 20, 2019

    Oh, sorry to hear. If i were you, i’d drop that book and forget it ever existed. Books that don’t grab your attention or excite you in any way just kill the mood really.

    I just finished my first Eddie Flynn book 20 minutes ago. Haha 😀 It was certainly something quite entertaining even if a bit over the top. But it was not boring at all, i have to give it 🙂

    I’m kind of having the opposite “problem” to you. I read a lot more these past 3 months than before, but i just don’t really feel like talking about all the books. And not cuz i didn’t like them. A lot of them i really enjoyed, but still… when it comes to reviewing them, i just sigh, and basically go and do something else 😀

    • March 20, 2019

      Yeah, I usually do that, Norrie. But because I had a lot of DNF books last year, I promised myself I would try finish all the books I bought. Because, you know, I paid for them.

      And yeah, even when I’ve finished, like 40 Words, I didn’t want to review it because it was basically ‘blah‘ and who wants to read a ‘blah‘ review anyway?

      Oh, you read your first Eddie Flynn, well, welcome to the club. Yeah, they’re a little OTT, but the sure are a hell of a ride. Great fun. And so fast to read because they’re entertaining! And isn’t that why we read? 😀

      Anyway, I think I’ll take your advice and just shelves these two books till hell freezes over. And pick up something more entertaining.

      • March 22, 2019

        Maybe you can swap books with someone? I dunno, some might enjoy these books, even if you don’t 🙂
        Most of my books are on kindle, so i can’t do that, but i also don’t pay a lot for them, cuz i get them when they are 0.99-1.99…

        • March 22, 2019

          I have thought about seeing if anyone wants to swap, or even send me the cost of postage for a book, which I’d send then, free.

          But, I guess the answer is, do as you do, relent and start buying ebook versions when they’re cheap, and that way, I can’t complain when I DNF something that cost 99c!

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