Partying in Style

We’re back in lockdown. We’re in a RED ZONE, no socialising. None. What. So. Ever!

And yet … even at minus 21 outside (with the windchill) the YWCA has decided to hold their annual Christmas Party—for staff and residents—OUTSIDE!

Yes, outside, in the parking lot, next to our privacy hedge … with loud music.

And this, this is why we’re in such dire straights here, in QC, with our COVID numbers. Oh, they’re wearing masks, well, some of them are. But socially distancing? Hmm …

I’m betting they’ll last less than 30 minutes out there, in this windchill. Any takers? What, no?

And again, I wonder how humanity made it this far. Anyway, how’s your week going? At least I have Gloria Gaynor belting it out from the carpark.

I will survive …”