Update Day #41

We’re living in apocalyptic times. I think our Premier knows this. I also think from his daily briefings that he’s prepping the people of Québec for what’s to come. It’s in the choice of phrasing, the words he uses, and how he is introducing the idea that people will have to do more. Much more…. Continue reading

Update Day #40

After this weekend’s events, today I find myself, once again, contemplating how life is changing and the upheaval that is going on, all around us. From the subtlest of changes to the life-changing, and how one lone gunman’s split from reality changed and destroyed so many lives in a matter of hours. Things will never… Continue reading

Update Day #36

I am well passed my first month of staying home (though, not quite self isolation as I have my partner here) and in that time everything across the planet has change, and continues to evolve and yet, as they say, nothing has change. On the small scale of things, the daily routine here, at Chez… Continue reading