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Day #76: Summer has Arrived!

Yep! It’s definitely here. I think we skipped spring altogether, and went from colder, to cold, to cool, and then: WHAM!

No, not the pop group of years gone by, with George Michael, but S U M M E R! Yes, all  in CAPS, because we went from single digits to low double in a weekend, and from low double digits to, mid and upper 20s just like that. And, in between, it rained, almost all of April, or seemed like it. But May?

It’s official, three days of over and consecutive 30 degrees plus, with excessive humidity thrown in for good measure, and it’s a HEAT WAVE!

It’s TWENTY THREE degrees already, and expected to go up to 30+ by this afternoon, and with humidity, about 34-36. You can feel the moisture in the air. It’s visceral and literal.

The other thing is, I can no longer see through our little park, or the church on the far side. We now have full leaf cover on the trees. Which are in glorious full spring colours, you know, that acid green that looks like it could melt metal.

I love this time, here, it’s beautiful, and deceptive. A herald of what’s to come in June/July. And early this year, by about a full month. It’s been over a decade since we had these kind of temperatures here, in May, even if it is the end of May.

Sad to say though, that this year, with the lockdown still, technically in place, though many are defying the rules, it’s still gong to be brutal for those locked inside. I cannot image being stuck in a nursing home at the best of times, let alone now, as the summer starts early, and the heat cranks up to full a month ion advance. And so many here, are without AirCon. We have none. We could get a mobile unit, which is permitted. But, so far, these last five years we’ve been okay, we’ve coped and survived. But I do wonder, how will it go this year?

Yes, we are lucky, we have a balcony to step out onto. But really, does anyone want to be out there, in 36 degrees, beneath a blazing sun? No, not really. It might be time to think of a sun parasol for the balcony though, just in case, because this is going to be our only source of outdoor activity, for a while yet, despite the so-called relaxing of the rules.

I am still not sure I want to even walk in the park here, with so many still hell bent on ignoring wearing a mask, or keeping their distance. And there are still TWO HOTSPOTS in our local neighbourhood. One right across from our park, in the Jeffery Hale hospital—which has recorded way too many elderly deaths this last 2 months. 80 so far as we know.

So a mobile AirCon unit is probably going on the shopping list this weekend, along with a large parasol for the balcony. And a lot more bottled water too, me thinks!

In the meantime, before the sun swings around to the south, and our balcony becomes too hot for the lizard in me, I’m signing off to go and sit outside, and enjoy sucking up a little more VIT-D, and admire the trees in their leafy foliage.

Take care and stay safe out there, where ever you are in the world. And enjoy the spring/ summer weather, safely!


Day #75: Another Milestone

Milestone, or is that, millstone? Ha! Ha! Okay, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic here, but that’s how it feels some days. I wonder if we’ll ever make it off planet (hey, I write SF for fun, I have dreams) and even with Space X launching (hopefully) tomorrow with a two man crew aboard. I have serious doubts humanity will ever reach the stars, let alone find enough unity to make it permanently off planet, start a moon base, let alone have a fully fledged colony (one day) on Mars.

My dreams go way beyond our tiny, insignificant little edge of a minor spiral arm, of the Milky Way Galaxy, to empires that span our galaxy and, who knows, maybe a few next door too. But these are but SF dreams of a writer who, lost in childlike wonder at the swirling heavens that surround us, wants to know more about ‘what’s out there’. And does that, via her writing.

The truth is, though, we fight, we squabble, we kill one another without recourse, remorse, or even at times, impunity, whether it’s a President through inaction, an army hell bent on eradicating ‘terrorists’ in a battle where it’s difficult to decide anymore just who the terrorists are. To bad actors intent on spreading as much misinformation, disinformation, and lies across the globe as possible, in an effort to disrupt everyone’s lives if not, kill people outright.

Why? Why are there so many people, despite level of education, who cannot rise above upbringing or politics, or where they are in life, to see beyond the resentment and hateful filled trench they’ve made for themselves and others?

What is the saying? There are none so blind as those who will not see. And never has that been more true than at any other time in our shared, sad history, than now.

There is so much beauty in the world that surrounds us, so much love and kindness, so much art and creativity, and yet, the darkness tinges the edge of these moments of light and brightness. But, I supposed, it’s also true that we cannot see the light, if not for the dark. And for the light to have meaning, the dark must exist as a backdrop to the light, for it to shine all the more brighter.

All I know is that one will never vanquish the other, no matter how hard the darkness tries to consume the light, or the light vanquish the dark, they will continue to exist for all time. Until, that is, entropy exerts her will and, as all things do, even a Universe of possibilities, must die.

In life there is death, in death there is new life. I wonder what waits for us beyond the veil?

Ah, yes, such deep thoughts, and it’s only Tuesday. I’ll be here all week, mulling the great mysteries of life, time, and space, catch the news at eleven, till then, stay safe out there, wherever you are in this beautiful, amazing universe.


Day #73: A Bit Of Sam Neill

I saw this yesterday on twitter, and Oh Boy did I laugh out loud. This really brightened my day by just being, well, a silly bit of fun. Watch Sam Neill and Helena Bonham Carter do a two-continent skit—DAS FONE HELL—that if it doesn’t make you laugh, well then, you have no sense of humour!

That’s it. That’s today’s post.

I’ve been out on my balcony enjoying a lovely, sunny, warm day (23 degrees) after doing cleaning and laundry all morning. I dragged the sun rocker out there, grabbed a grenadine and lime on ice, and sat outside making Vit-D to boost my immune system.

And you, what have you been up to this weekend, Friends?

Whatever you’ve been up too I hope you stayed safe.

Take care.


Day #72: A Day To Be Positive

And, in being positive, I think I shall share some flower portraits instead of waxing lyrically about the corona virus, or feeling sorry for myself, or worrying about stuff that happens beyond my door. And concentrate on what I can control, and what makes me happy.

Baking, gardening, flowers, making things, creating art … these are the things, like sitting on the couch with my partner, on a Saturday morning, reading and just hanging out drinking home made lattes, that make me happy.

I can’t save the world, but I can make banana bread, and blancmange, and some of the best damn sticky rice pudding you are ever likely to taste! These are the things I can do. So today, I’ve repotted some plants. I’ve redone the soil (in preparation) of my flower boxes out on the balcony—my beloved balcony garden. With the hopes of being able to score some pretty flowers to grow, if not, I have seeds that I can start this week.

Especially as they’re predicting the weather is going to be hot and humid, with the occasional afternoon thundershowers. I might even drag my chair out onto the balcony and sit in the shade, and watch the world grow around me now the trees are turning green and copper, with vibrant colour. And watch the bees go about their business. And wallow in the soft sound of their humming.

These flower shots were all taken last July (during our holidays) in the University’s botanic gardens:

Day #71: Early Morning Drama

We were woken at just before 6:30 this morning, by frantic banging on our apartment door. The elderly woman from the apartment opposite ours was in a full panic. Her husband had collapsed and was having difficulty breathing, so my partner, still in their PJs, grabbed their phone, shoved their feet in a pair of rain shoes (we keep them by the main door) and called both security, at the main desk, and then, 911.

Security was there in a matter of minutes, and got dressed (sensibly so) in a disposable gown, mask, gloves, and face shield, before entering the apartment. My dumb ass partner, who followed in, didn’t.

Sometimes, for one of the cleverest people I know, they can do the most silly things. They didn’t need to go inside, but they did. I know, like me, they so wanted to help. But there are, in this day and age, sad to say, dire consequences to not thinking something through before acting. And this was on of those times, were in action was called for—given the circumstances.

There was, after all, nothing more they could do to help, but get in the way, as the security guard assessed the situation further, given he was also in radio contact with his partner, at the main desk.

I am so thankful for the fact we live in a complex where they have security 24/7. And, for the most part, they seem to be people with a few more ounces of common sense than my partner.

Still! These things happen. No need to cry now at what happened, it happened and we did what we could to offer aid and assistance. I really don’t speak enough decent French to have been any real help in this situation.

The ambulance, and paramedics, arrived about 10 minutes later. Once they arrived on our floor, I herded my partner into the shower. A very hot shower. And washed everything down with lysol, before, during, and after.

Then put a load of washing on, on a hot wash.

I can only hope that the gentleman is doing okay, given he’s in the same hospital I was not two weeks ago. He’s in good hands there. They’ve got great protocols in place, and the staff there seem to know what they’re doing. For his, his wife, and for our sake, I hope this was either a heart attack, or a stroke, and not a result of the corona virus.

Sad to say, my first thought was I hope his wife hears he’s COVID negative and lets us know one way or the other, as well. Because, it’s now in the back of my mind, and I so want to force my partner to go and get tested!

Irrational? Probably, as their chance of catching it from just being in the same space, despite keeping their distance from all concerned, is slim to none, but still.

I will now be a bundle of nerves for the next couple of weeks, waiting.

So again, please, for all those you love and hold dear in your heart, please stay safe, stay home, and take care of you and yours, where ever you are in the world!


Day #70: Some Days …

Some days it’s easy to be my upbeat usual self, somedays … but there are almost as many day, these days, under these quarantine conditions, where I feel like it would be easy to succumb to depression. Even if the sun is shining, even if the weather is improving.

It’s that last little niggle that does it. That one more tiny irritating thing that finally makes its way beneath my skin, and I want to snap. I want to yell. Loudly! And more, I want to lock the door, for good, and throw away the key. And stay on the inside, insulated from the amazing number of callous, unthinking, stupid people this world has spawned.

And there, you see it. Me being angry. Me being annoyed.

It’s so difficult at times to contain it, to squeeze it out of my pores and get rid of it. That annoyance, that anger.

At people.

Where is my zen place. My happy place. Where do I feel safe from life, and stupidity?

Locking the door helps. Sadly, though, they’re still out there.

So I deal with my frustrations. I go through my mental exercise of riding myself of negative thoughts, and retreat into my quiet place, and, like a snake moulting its skin, try to shed this film of negativity from my being, my soul, before it taints me further.

I know I’ll bounce back. Tomorrow is always a new day, and the slate is wiped clean with each new morning, as it dawns. Just as surly as the sun comes up, I’ll find my way back to that happy, upbeat, carefree child inside of me, and whether the real sun shines or not, I’m in back my happy place and content.

Stay upbeat, stay positive, where you can, and stay safe out there, where ever you are in the world. And take care.