The ‘Mighty’ Book Haul

What started on twitter when I stumble across a couple of new writers—Vivien Chen and Suleikha Snyder—and followed them, then became a hunt for their work online, obviously, to buy. And then? I went kind of crazy. I blame it on lockdown, lockup, locked-in, and having a credit card burning a hole in my purse…. Continue reading

Anecdotally #1

Remembering days in the sun. Remembering good days spent with a family I once had … Saturdays. Saturdays were special in our household when we lived abroad. In a place where the sun always seemed to shine, except, when it didn’t. That time was called: The Monsoon. On those days it poured, and I mean,… Continue reading

Let’s Talk About: Threading the Labyrinth by Tiffani Angus

About the Author Tiffani Angus is Senior Lecturer in Publishing and the Course Leader for the MA Creative Writing at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK. An author of fantasy, horror, historical fiction, erotica, and SF (especially time travel) short stories. A scholar- fan, active in the SFF community and at conventions. About the Book A… Continue reading

Day #100

It’s official. I have been in self isolation—quarantine/lockdown/seclusion—for ONE HUNDRED DAYS! The time is actually longer, as the last time we were out, was Saturday, March 7th, for my birthday lunch at the Cachon Dingue restaurant. Where I remember having the most delicious eggs bene with home cured/baked ham and pan-fried potatoes and onion. And… Continue reading

Consulting the Stars

Sometime I think that everything I ever learnt about how to write, I learnt from reading Ursula K. Le Guin novels [with humble apologies to my favourite English teacher of way back when]. Even now, I still find myself reaching for one of Le Guin’s works, not just for that spark of inspiration, but to remind… Continue reading