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Update #5

By the Numbers:

  • 42,000 tested
  • 8 deaths
  • 598 confirmed cases
  • US/Canadian Border closed
  • Money available: $93 billion

The PM is live on TV at the moment, and has announced several new measures, most of them aimed at helping people who will suddenly find themselves out of work. They are going to use infrastructure that’s already in place, as in Employment Insurance payouts, and Child Care benefits. Also, self employed will get help. They’ve earmarked $55 billion in a safety net, plus $25 billion to be used straight away.

All I can say is thank god we have a Liberal Government, and Trudeau leading the country during this crisis.

On a more personal note, my partner is in the thick of it at work, heading a Task Force strategising a health response and policy (respecting law) in helping all Quebeckers. There will be a lot of new measures coming into effect both today, and this week.

So happy at the thoughtful responses from both the local and federal governments. And the continued support of my partner, during this trying time.

Stay safe out there!

Happy News

Amid this unfolding horror, I have one bright piece of news on my health. In that, since February 19th, 4 weeks today, I have lost TWENTY-FIVE (25 lb) by cutting out extra sugar from my diet!

So happy!

Update #4

We are on Day 5 here, in Québec City, of our stay at home phase. But for me, unlike many, I’ve had 4 years in which to practise working and being alone, so for me, this is no hardship, just awkward. Since 2016, after being rushed to hospital and surviving a near-death event, I reordered my life, and started to make changes then. And slowly but surely, implement a new way of living, which included being home more, though, not necessarily isolated.

People think that because we’re told to stay home, this means cutting ourselves off from everyone and everything.

NOT SO! It just means being sensible, being cautious, and thinking about planned trips out and when to take them. And where. I can still go out, so can you all, to a local park, a walk around the neighbourhood. What’s being asked of us all, is to make sure we KEEP OUR DISTANCE if we’re anywhere others might be too.

Working and staying home with all today’s modern tech at our fingertips gives us a huge advantage over those who went through similar, centuries or even, decades ago. We can use so many tools to connect with others, we can connect across the planet (for now) and reach out to so many.

So don’t feel isolated, reach out to others when you need too, keep active on social media and know this, we are all going through the same journey together, even if some are further along than others. And that we are not alone in this.

If you need to talk, if you need to connect with anyone and feel lonely, email me, ask to chat on skype, reach out, I’m here and I have all the time in the world to listen.

Stay safe out there, people.

Update #3

I’m going to try and write a post every day while the pandemic is ongoing, and cover everything that is happening here, locally, for us, as it unfolds. A few twitter friends I know have said they’re doing the same, so we can all follow along. But also, it’s a form of therapy, talking like this to readers, sharing experiences, letting everyone out there know what it’s like for us here.

I think the more we share and support one another the easier it will be, in the long run, to cope with the enforced isolation and the not being able to do certain things, like normal.

Yesterday saw our Premiere give another live update, with a number of his key ministers. They were all reiterating what was said Friday, and emplourinig people, where possible, to stay home, stay inside, and think of others as much as themselves during these trying times. But also added new measure had been enacted allowing the government leeway in which to get things done for the health and safety of everyone in the province. What that will mean in the long run, only time will tell.

To start with, more social venues are being told to mandatorily close for the duration, including: libraries, museums, theatres, cinemas, zoos, aquariums, swimming pools, spas, sports venues, concert halls, music venues, bars, restaurants. You name it. [See: Government Bulletin.]

I cannot imagine the social hardship this is going to have on workers of these places, let alone the business impact. Our local restaurant (2 of them) are staying open, employing staff were possible, and doing delivery in large brown paper bag carriers. We’ll see how long that lasts.

Meanwhile, my partner went off to work this morning, still await notification about whether or not some of them will be sent home to work at home. Certain sections of where they work are being kitted out with laptops and new secure servers are being installed. So I’m guessing all this is going to take time. My partner works for the government, so while big companies are and have already implemented staff working from home, where possible, I know my partner is in a sector of essential services (health) so might not be so lucky.

They’ve also sanitised their building, over the weekend. And, I guess, other Regies in and around the city too. The dinning rooms have had all the tables rearranged for separation, as well as break rooms. And no more than 5 in a lift at anyone time.

All in all, this looks like it’s going to be a hugely important and busy week for everyone involved, at every level, to see if here, at least, we can squash that curve!

And you? What’s happening in your part of the world?

Stay safe.

Journalling Disaster #2

Today, we watched our Premiere live, on TV, updating Quebeckers about the state of affairs here, in our province. Giving us the breakdown of what the provincial government is doing in the battle to keep the corona virus at bay. Urging all Quebeckers to try to limit their outside contact with others to an absolute minimum, and go to do groceries only when necessary. Asking us to order food via supermarket’s website, for delivery. The same with prescriptions, for our safety and well being.

All this as the virus races its way across the planet, exploding in pockets of various populations with dire consequences.

This especially, as of today, we have our first 4 confirmed cases of virus here, in Québec City. It hits home. This isn’t happening elsewhere. This isn’t happening just to others, far from here. It’s here. And everything we can do to help emergency services and, the rest of our fellow citizens, is up to us.

We, need to be mindful. WE need to be careful of others. WE need to be the solution, not part of the problem. And above all, WE need to listen and follow what’s being asked of us, in order that WE all survive this as best we can.

So please, do YOUR part, and think of others as you would your own family and friends.

Now, Justin, please, please, for everyone’s sake and benefit: CLOSE THE BORDERS!