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Today’s Aside

I’ve lost another 3 pounds in about a week. That brings the total to 28! I am so happy at least one thing seems to be going right. I plan on extra exercise once I hit that magical 30 pound mark. I’m looking at using the emergency stairwell as an exercise tool.

First week, walk up 1 flight a day. Following week, walk up 2. Third week walk up 3. Then. Follow that up with, jogging up 1, then 2, then 3.

Well, you get the picture. I’ll report on the progress.


Update Day #15

My partner went out yesterday. They went to do a really quick snatch and grab at our local corner store, within our apartment complex. We’re six interconnected buildings (by tunnels for winter use).

And now? I cannot tell you how many times we’ve washed, showered, and disinfected everywhere, and everything in sight. Yes, including spending a good 20-30 minutes wiping down all the groceries with Lysol disinfectant wipes. All before they came into the apartment. I even sanitised the door handles, front door, trolly, and all kitchen surfaces.

I went to bed exhausted last night. This is not just physically and mentally draining, but emotionally too. We now have enough food (bar perishables) to last 2-3 weeks more before the next recon out!

Even so, we’re both stressed that my partner had to go as here, in our humble province, our infected numbers tripled in a week, from 300+ to over 1000+. Yes, that’s because they are doing more accurate testing, and tests that had been waiting in the queue finally came back positive.

This is because of the lag between people being tested, analysed, and reported on. About a week’s turnaround, which means numbers always seem to jump on an almost 4-5 day cycle.

My partner saw only two other people in the store, other than one person behind a counter, and the person on the till. And one of those people approached my partner and then, the stupidity of it all. Handled a baguette they’d picked up for our lunch. Okay, it was INSIDE a plastic sleeve. But that was it. My partner said they lost it, refused to take the baguette back, and loudly for all to hear, made sure everyone present knew what she’d done. It was sheer panic. Not to embarrass an older probably lonely person, but in an effort to try make her understand the severity of what she had just done.

The worker behind the counter bagged the poor baguette and, I’m guessing, binned it.

It was silly, and under any other circumstance would not have causes such a stir, but in the times we now find ourselves, things reactively got a little out of hand over the simplest of gestures. But this only goes to highlight other larger, more dangerous incidents happening in supermarkets. People defiantly coughing over 35 thousand of dollars worth of fresh fruit and vegetables (US), which all then had to be disposed of.

So I ask you, what would you have done under the circumstances?

Stay safe out there, people.

Update Day #14


Okay, this is really not the kind of banner I ever thought I would be celebrating. I mean, I’m in quarantine for crying out loud. Self distancing still means being able to go outside, but now, our provincial government is begging (upon possibly being fined) for everyone to stay home, stay in (where at all possible) and only venture out now, for essential supplies.

So now it’s no longer Social Distancing … but more like ‘House Arrest’. Okay, I know I’m being dramatic here, but I want to make a point. No, we’re not being given ankle monitors. And no, none of us have done an actual crime. We’re here though, at this point, because people are still refusing to comply with requests to self isolate.

So now?

We’re ALL under house arrest, kids, families, grand parents, singles … except, essential services personnel.

Let me stress this, I’m thankful for the government finally making people stay home. Because, as we all know in the end, it’s all for the best as we try to squish that damn curve into some semblance of a gentle slope for everyone’s sake. So we can stay ahead of becoming the next Italy or, horror of horrors, worse!

Still, last night, watching the news for the first time in days, I wanted to rush out and buy the biggest, most powerful cattle prod on the market, and start herding up the dickheads and idiots with a swift prod up the damn arse!

Maybe then, they’d get the message.

Please, people, heed the warnings, stay inside, stay safe, and look after yourself and your families, and we’ll get through this.


Update Day #13

Wow, I’ve been at this self isolation thing for almost two weeks. And every day seems like it’s a week long. In an effort to break each day up into segments and, therefore, make it easier to pass the time doing at least something productive, in between worrying or avoiding the latest news. I try to go make a brew about every other hour. And during the time it takes the kettle to boil, I do circuits. Then again, when I put the timer on, I do five more minutes of circuits. This is the sum total of my exercise for each day, given I don’t have a home gym, or anything.

Circuits, I hear you say? The apartment has a narrow, galley kitchen, accessible from both the dinning room and the utilities area, which is adjacent to the front door. This means I can walk in something approaching a crooked rectangle, in and out of the kitchen.

Circuits. It’s not ideal, but it’s the best thing I can do under the circumstances and, as a result of all this ‘walking’ circuits, I’m getting my exercise, getting fit, and, the most marvellous thing of all, loosing weight!

Just this one little thing has resulted, along with a radical change in both my thinking and diet, has resulted in the loss of TWENTY FIVE pounds in 4 weeks!

Yes, I have given up extra sugar, as in adding sugar to food. Dumping breakfast cereals, no more packets/tins with hidden sugars (and there are a LOT!) Even humble ketchup is restricted to 1 tablespoon when needed. I’m not giving up taste, or flavour. But turning to using other ways to make my food interesting, without sweet desserts, puddings, cakes or cookies—all banned from our apartment, along with chips and candy.

It also means I’m cooking form scratch a lot more than before, and believe me, I cooked between 4-5 home cooked meals a week before this. Now? It’s between it’s at least 6 meals. This means spending time on a Sunday afternoon meal planning, which in turn meant inventorying the larder, fridge, and freezer. Hence the new section on this blog called: Recipes.

If we come through this, and I’m sure we will, together, stronger and more determined. I’m going to be thinner, fitter and more ready than I have been at any other time in my life, to enjoy each and every day as it comes.

Oh, and probably we’re all going to need a visit to the salon, never mind, haircuts!

Stay safe out there, people!

Update Day #12

After my panic attack the other night, I steadfastly avoided listening to any news yesterday. I didn’t watch any TV and, in fact, and busied myself in doing fun projects, taking a day off worrying about the damn planet. It’s hard to care about others who are so cavalier about their safety and more importantly, don’t seem to give a shit about others. The scientist in me says: it’s the selfish gene kicking in. But damn if people who don’t take responsibility for their actions should damn well own the consequences.

All that aside, today I am again avoided the news for my own personal health reasons, I need a break. There is only so much heartbreaking news a person can cope with at any one given moment in time. I want to concentrate on positive things, like, the sun is out, the weather is warming, and I might go out onto the balcony, during tea-break, and enjoy a little warming of my soul. Listen to the sparrows chirrup while nesting in the privacy hedge. Watching  the wildlife is its own special therapy.

I should add, our local flock of sparrows runs at about 20+ strong and they make a noisy alarm clock first thing in the morning. And no, I’m not complaining, every morning I can wake and hear them, is a good morning to enjoy. With them, 4 squirrels, a shy ground hog, and occasional belligerent skunk, I get to play David Attenborough with my sketchbook watching them.

The other thing I am quietly celebrating and, at the same time, mourning, is my mother’s birthday, which is today. Had she lived, she would have been 95 today. Sadly, she passed away February, 1999 a few days before her then birthday.

I still miss her.

Happy Birthday, Mum,

Love Alex

Update Day #11


Yes. I had one. Last night. I awoke in a sweat, panicking because I couldn’t breathe. I was having the weirdest nightmare, even for me, who has some pretty surreal dreams. Yes. I remember most of them, where do you think, as a writer, I get most of my story ideas?

The nightmare had me coming home to a place that wasn’t mine, yet, my dad was there (he passed away in 1991) eating breakfast in the middle of the night with a complete stranger. I don’t know who the person was. Then I too am sitting down at a table, breakfast is a huge fry up, someone I know from online is there, smoking and stubbing her cigarette out on my plate of bacon and eggs. I yell at her. Loudly …

Yes, I told you this was weird.

She runs out of the house into the night, crying. I feel mean and horrible and follow to calm her down and can’t find her. I’m then walking back towards the light, coming out the open backdoor to the house. But I never get there, the ground becomes mud. The mud starts sucking at me. I can’t breathe. I’m trying to yell for help, but have no breath.

Two young men I don’t know suddenly appear and after laugh, try to pull me out, but the mud is winning, I’m sinking faster.

The I woke up, gasping, arms flailing.

My partner was instantly awake calming me, asking what was wrong. I explained. They hugged me and held me tight, told me not to worry, they had me, I was safe. And we sat there like that for a few minutes.

There or not. It really terrified me. It’s been quite a few years since I had a bad panic attack like that. I’m guessing I need to cut down on listening to the news, and take time out for some self help, and quiet time.

Friends, I hope you’re getting to sleep at night, and not having nightmares. Take care of you all, and practise those deep breaths. I know I am.

Time to get back into doing some yoga. Mat, here I come.

Stay safe out there.